PUBG Mobile Alan Walker Live Fast – Team UP Mission Season 8

Alan Walker Live Fast

Alan Walker Live Fast:

The New Event in PUBG Mobile Season 8 with title Team UP Live Fast or Alan Walker Live Fast. In this Mission, PUBG has given 3 chapters with some Plot Mission in it.

You need to unlock those mission to gain rewards. There is no time limit to unlock any mission in Alan Walker Live Fast event.

Tip: When you tap to Collect the Mission Rewards, try to tap multiple times, this is a new glitch where you can get that rewards multiple times.

Alan Walker Live Fast
Live Fast Tap To collect

Suppose the first-day login rewards was 200 BP Points, if you tap multiple times on Collect option then you can get those 200 BP more than 3 to 4 times in your in-game mailbox. Try out this tip and let us know in the comment box.

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What is this Alan Walker Live Fast?

The Alan Walker Live Fast Event is actually a PUBG Mobile Crossover with Alan Walker where you have to pay for the rewards divided into 3 Chapters.

At the end of every chapter, you will be asked one question and if you answer it correctly then you will get additional bonus rewards and Alan Walker New Single to listen in your game.

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Alan Walker Live Fast Event Chapters
Alan Walker Live Fast Event Chapters

This Event is not time-limited you can complete it till the new update is live. In the end, you will be provided with one Story comic and complete it if you are interested in reading.

How to Participate in Alan Walker Live Fast:

It is simple to participate and free for everyone. Follow the steps given below to participate in Alan Walker Live Fast event.

  • Go to the Event Section and go to Time-Limited Event Section.
  • look for Team Up Live Fast event.
  • Now You will see Alan walker and Go Button click on the button.
  • Then you will see 3 chapters in this event complete each chapter to unlock the next chapter.
  • To complete each chapter, you need to complete each mission in it.
  • Once you complete each mission you will see the collect button will turn to golden color.
  • Now tap to collect multiple times as I said above, this is a new glitch where you can get the rewards multiple times.
  • To get rewards close the mission Tab and go to in Game Mailbox.
  • You will see those rewards are given in the email. Tap to collect the rewards.

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Rules of Alan Walker Live Fast:

  • This is a one-time event till next update
  • Complete one chapter to unlock the next chapter.
  • To complete one chapter, you need to complete all mission in it
  • Missions are not time-bounded.
  • There are questions at the end of each chapter.
  • Answer all 3 questions to get extra rewards and Alan walker Single.
  • Rewards will be sent to you via in-game email.
Alan Walker Single is Live
Alan Walker Single is Live

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