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PUBG Mobile Top Squad [2021]- Top 21 Teams in Global Championship

It’s been a long time in Lockdown and we need Top squad in PUBG Mobile 2021. The PUBG Mobile Top Squad for 2021 may remain the same as 2020 as there are two possibilities.

  1. Due to Corona Pandemic Global Championship may be canceled this year
  2. PUBG Mobile is going to be PUBG: New State

So even if there is a Global Championship in 2021 that is usually in December 2021 it will be with the name PUBG: New State Global Championship.

List of Top 21 Teams for 2021 in Global Championship 2020:

The last Global Championship in PUBG Mobile was ended in December 2020 and here are those top 21 Teams with their score taken from the Official PUBG Esports Page.

S.RSquad NameTeam ScoreTeam Kills
9NOVA XQF366156
10POWER888 KPS339169
List the Top 10 Teams as PUBG Mobile Top Squad 2021
PUBG Mobile Global Championship List of Top Teams

The image below will show you a list of the top 21 teams divided into two parts Top 10 Teams and the next top 10 Teams.

PUBG Mobile Top Squad [2021]
PUBG Mobile Global Championship Top Team Names and Score

Te Flag near the name of the team shows the country origin of that PUBG Mobile Team you can find your region’s top team and search more about them on Google.

Along with these top teams we have Top Players in each category in PUBG Mobile Global Championship. Check their name below.

S.R.Player NameTeamAchievementScore
1SeniorRRQ AthenaK/D Ratio2.00
233SvanFour Angry MenAvg Damage Deal345
3EarnnyRRQ AthenaHeadshots24
PUBG Mobile Global Championship Top Players Score
Top Players in PUBG Mobile Championship 2020
PUBG Mobile Global Championship Top Players Photos

About Global Championship 2020:

The PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2020 was held in Winter End that is in November-December 2020. The Result of this Championship was declared around on 20th Dec 2020.

And there we got our top 21 Global Champ Teams for 2021 that were already shared above. If you want to participate in this PUBG Mobile Global Championship then you can visit the PUBG Mobile Esports Page.

How to Participate in PUBG Mobile Esport?

  1. Visit the PUBG Mobile Esport Page
  2. Select the Tournament You want to Participate
  3. Read about the Rules and Criteria for Participants
  4. Apply for the PUBG Mobile Tournament using the given Form.
  5. Attend the Qualification Rounds online on the given schedule and Win the Battles.

If you want to keep yourself up to date about PUBG Mobile Esports Tournament then Follow the PUBG Mobile Esport News Page.

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