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Graffiti Prank – PUBG Mobile How to Update and use the Shop

There is one new Event on the PUBG Mobile Erangel map called Graffiti Prank. To enable this event you just need to update the game with 15MB of Data from the in-game update button.

If you dont have the PUBG Mobile Latest version 1.3 Update then you can download it from link below.

Download PUBG Mobile 1.3 Update

What is Graffiti Prank in PUBG Mobile?

This is a new Event in PUBG Mobile where you need to collect some Silver coins and then Redeem those coins in CLOWN SHOP or Joker’s Shop in Erangel Map to get Items or Tips.

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How to Download Graffiti Prank PUBG Mobile Update?

Follow these simple steps to update your current PUBG Mobile game to PUBG Mobile Graffiti Prank and Enjoy Shopping at Clown Shop and have fun.

Step 1: Open the PUBG Mobile Game and Click on Game Modes.

Step 2: Now click on the Classic Mode and There you will See Update Button on Erangel Map.

PUBG Mobile Graffiti Prank Update from in Game

Step 3: Update the Erangel Map with 15MB Update and start Playing the Graffiti Prank PUBG Mobile Event.

(Note: If PUBG Mobile is not working in your country like India, you can take the help of any Free VPN by connecting to a country like Singapore, or any other region.)

How to Play the Graffiti Prank PUBG Mobile Event?

It is very easy to participate in the PUBG Mobile Graffiti Prank Event using Erangel Map in PUBG. You just need to collect the coins and use them during that Match.

Step 1: Jump to the Erangel Map during a match and search for Silver and Gold Coins (Tip: You will get more coins in the Amusement Park Location)

Step 2: Now open the Map and go to any Nearby Joker Shop to redeem your Silver and Gold Coins.

This is a Clown Shop or Joker Shop in PUBG Mobile

Step 3: Check what the Shop is offering you for how much coins and Use your Coins to shop the items.

You can get these items from the Joker Shop:

  1. Shop the Armor Items from level 1 to Level 3.
  2. Shop any SMG or AR gun from the Clown Shop.
  3. Shop Gun Attachments from the Jokers Shop
  4. Know the Next Safe Zone location from the Shop
  5. Know the Next Drop Location from this shop
  6. Know where more enemies are hidden on the Map.
Shopping in the Jokers Shop PUBG Mobile

That’s it You can use your collected Silver and Gold coins to get in-game items and know the Drop or Hotspot location and win the match.

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