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PUBG Vs BGMI Comparison and Deep Discussion 2021

Even though PUBG and BGMI are Games of Krafton they are different somehow. Comparing PUBG Vs BGMI will take us to some deep down discussion where you will get to know minor changes done by Krafton in PUBG Mobile to create BGMI.

It’s been more than 3 Years since PUBG Mobile was released on 20 December 2017 and very few of us witnessed PUBG in the initial phase. The Graphics was not that better also the game was new to us.

And BGMI is almost Advanced creation it was released just now on 18 June 2021 and BGMI almost has 90% similarities with PUBG Mobile.

Based on the Future Technology and Age PUBG Mobile’s new Version is launching tomorrow 20th Nov 2021 called PUBG Mobile New State.

If you already have Pre-Registered for this game on Google Play Store then you will get a beautiful Car Skin in PUBG New State.

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PUBG Vs BGMI Comparison What is still the Same?

First I will briefly compare PUBG Vs BGMI in points then we will have a deep discussion over this comparison.

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Before I start the comparison just for the introduction, PUBG Mobile and BGMI are the same game. BGMI gameplay, Maps, Guns, Vehicles, are the same. Rest few things like some game Settings, server, in-game events, rewards are different.

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PUBG Mobile

  • Global Servers are Available
  • Red Blood color on Kill
  • Kill Message on Killing Enemy
  • Kill so KD Ratio
  • No Age Restrictions
  • No Money Usage restriction
  • Time Limit (Only Screen Message)
  • Multiple International Languages
  • English Character Voice
  • No Disclaimer on Game Start


  • Indian Server only
  • Green Blood color
  • Finish Message on Killing Enemy
  • Finish so FD Ratio
  • Age Restriction for below 18
  • Spending Money is Restricted
  • Time Limite for Gameplay with New Game Management System for below 18
  • Only English Language
  • New Hindi Voice has been introduced
  • Game Disclaimers as Virtual World on Game Start.

Now you have a bunch of points in the PUBG Mobile vs BGMI game debate, share the screenshot with your friend or share this link to let them know all these differences.

PUBG Vs BGMI Compared in Hindi

Now I will Share all points in a sequential manner how you see the PUBG Vs BGMI Differences when you start the game from the beginning.

1. Credits and Game Start:

On the Game Start, we see Krafton Name in BGMI while in PUBG Mobile it’s still Tencent & Krafton Name.

Then we see a different Privacy Policy for BGMI that includes accepting the terms of Age above 18 and Indian Residence. (one time). While there is a different policy for PUBG Mobile that covers the Global Audience.

Then one Warning will repeatedly show to the Player with BGMI is not a Real World Game take it as a virtual world. This is just to satisfy the government policy in India.

2. Home Screen And Lobby:

No major changes are done in the Home Screen and Lobby in the PUBG Vs BGMI game. If in case there are different Festival events in BGMI rather than PUBG Mobile for eg. Diwali then the Home Screen theme will be changed in BGMI accordingly.

Then the Lobby and Menue Items are the same and the options are almost the same, somehow you may see some price changes in UC in BGMI and UC in PUBG.

Although you may see some additional Indian items if you browse through the Shop (Cart button).

When you go shopping in BGMI there is a Daily Money Spend limitation so that any child will not spend lakhs of rupees in BGMI Shopping.

3. Server and Settings:

Gameplay Settings for Battle Royale and other Matches are the same, while one new feature has been added where you can share your Key configuration with your friends.

The BGMI has a server limitation that you can not change to any other server. Because in PUBG Mobile you can choose various Servers with less ping you want.

Due to server limitations, you will only see Indian Players (most of the time) in the BGMI Game.

Also From the settings, English is the only language BGMI has, while in PUBG Mobiel you can change to any International Language.

4. Characters and Voice:

Although there are the Same PUBG like Characters added in the BGMI game after some time we might get to see some Indian face characters with the new updates.

Also, the Voice for Players in the BGMI chat section is the same as PUBG Mobile but in the future, we may get to see some Hindi call-out chats to increase the gameplay fun in the local language.

5. Spawn Island and Gameplay:

Now when we select the Mode and click on the Start button to start matching and we get to see the Same Spawn Island. But some players have mentioned that the spawn island in BGMi keeps changing when we start the new match.

Now when the match starts from the Spawn Island till you land into the Map in BGMI you get to see a continuous Warning on-screen like “Enter the Virtual World“. This message gets automatically removed when you land.

This warning is because of the rules and policies that the Indian govt imposed on PUBG Mobile and banned the game.

Now while playing the game you see some minor differences the Kill word is changed to Finished so the KD ratio is now known as FD ratio.

The color of bullet impact has changed from Red to Green leaf in BGMI this also includes the policy imposed.

7. Other Changes PUBG Vs BGMI:

All changes are mentioned above and if there are any more changes in the future done by Krafton I will add them here.

PUBG Mobile is available now in 90 FPS gameplay if you want to play it just buy a new Phone that supports 90FPS gaming.

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PUBG vs BGMI Which is Better?

PUBG Mobile and BGMI are the Same Game, just because the Indian government banned PUBG Mobile Krafton had to release BGMI. This change from PUBG to BGMI is more than just a game, BGMI will have independent Events, Gifts, and maybe characters.

So For Indian Players, BGMI is better and for outside India Players, PUBG Mobile is a Better Choice.

Where considering PUBG then this is the Parent game of all its country variants, so PUBG Mobile will get the beta updates and new trials before BGMI.

For example, the PUBG New State is an advanced version of PUBG Mobile and it will be launched in India also. So maybe we will be Playing PUBG New State only and no PUBG Mobile, BGMI or PUBG KR just PUBG New State all over the World.

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