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Apex Legends Mobile | Pre-Register [Android/iOS] and Download

The EA Sports Presents Apex Legends PC Game is now going to release on Mobile Phones soon. The Approx Release date for Apex Legends Mobile is 5 May 2021.

If you are waiting for PUBG Mobile India to be launched then this is going to be the best alternative for PUBG Mobile India, and the battle will go on PUBG Mobile Vs Apex Legends.

What is Apex Legends Mobile?

EA games developed one battle royale game for PC called Apex Legends, now the same game will be on Mobile with the name Apex Legends Mobile Game.

Apex Legends Mobile Download

Apex Legends Mobile icon

Pre-Register Here

  • Version: 0.1.0
  • Release Date: ~5 May 2021
  • Supports: Android
  • Region: India & Philippines
  • Cost: Free Download

As I said before, Apex Legends Mobile is already available on the Play Store for India and due to the PUBG Mobile is banned EA Games is going to take huge advantage of this situation.

Apex Legend for Mobile Comming Soon

To get the Beta Game Access You need to Pre-Register the Apex Legends Mobile Game from Google Play Store.

Apex Legend Game Trailer

Apex Legends Mobile Features:

The Original news about this game Release and Pre-Register is on EA Website. Now let’s talk about this game’s features so, here are some unique features this game is so awesome.

  • Free to play Battle Royale Game on Mobile.
  • Anybody above age 12 can play this game.
  • Ultra-High Graphics and Technology instruments.
  • Total 7 Unique Characters You can choose from.
  • All 7 Characters have their own special Powers.
  • This game is More than just Firing and Blasting (For eg: Planing an enemy trap, rescue your teammate)
  • Awful Emotes and costumes different for each character
Real HD Game Graphics in Apex Legend Mobile game
7 Unique Legends Character - You can choose from

How to Download Apex Legends Mobile Beta Version?

The game is in Pre-Register Phase, there is no beta game available for now. But to get the Beta game download link you can follow our website or Pre-Register the game on Play Store.

Step 1: Go to Google Play Store and Search Apex Legend Mobile

Step 2: You will see Pre-Register Button click on it. (Limited Pre-Registers are open)

Step 3: Congrats!! You have enrolled for the Apex Legend Mobile Beta game. Now you will get a notification when the game is launched.

How to Solve Device not Compatible Issue?

Some of us may get device not compatible issue for Apex Legend Mobile Game. Don’t worry this is just a play store error.

Step 1: Copy or click on this Pre-Register Link. (Open in Chrome Browser only – do not open in Play Store)

Step 2: You will see the Apex Legends Mobile game with Pre-Register button in Chrome.

Apex Legends Mobile Pre-Register issue solved

Step 3: Log in with your Gmail and Pre-Register for the Game using Chrome browser.

Is Apex Legend Free to Play?

Yes! Just like PUBG Mobile Apex Legends Mobile is also free to play battle royale game. But if you want any fancy item you can buy it from the in-game shop with in-game currency.

Can we Play Apex Legend PC and Mobile Togeter?

No!! For now, the developers did not add these features to cross-play the Apex Legend PC and Mobile game together. But this separate gaming keeps the environment and servers healthy.

What Regions is Apex Legends Mobile Launched?

Apex legends game for Mobile is initially launched for India, and the Philippines region, and the Android Platform. Later all Regions and iOS players will be enrolled one by one as time goes on.

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