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How to get a Nuke in COD Mobile – 😱 100% Working Trick

This one was surprising for me that we can get a Nuke in COD Mobile. When I was playing the MP mode match in Kill house and suddenly heard a new sound and suddenly my whole squad wiped out.

Nuclear in COD Mobile

Nuclear in COD Mobile

Then I get the notification for nuclear bomb activation and when I searched about how to activate it was such fun. Yes, you can also unlock the Nuclear bomb and try it in Multiplayer Mode. This update is not coming up in COD Mobile Season 2 Update but its already released.

How to Unlock the Nuke?

To get a Nuke in COD Mobile, you need to qualify the following tasks during the MP match.

  • Kill 20 Enemies
  • Do not use any Score streak to kill Enemies.
  • Complete this task without getting killed.
  • You can use Scorestreak that will not kill the enemy.
  • Operator skills are allowed to kill Enemies.

When you qualify all the above rules then you will see a message like “Nuclear Bomb activated” Use the bomb and wipe out the enemy squad.

Note: In some cases, this trick might not works but as per the knowledge shared on the internet and my experience I could say this trick will work.

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