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Free New Rename Card [How to Change Name in Pubg]

If you know how to use this Rename card in PUBG Mobile then scroll down to How to get a New Rename Card in PUBG Mobile for Free. But before that, I will share some steps to use the Rename card or Player ID in PUBG Mobile.

You can change your name once in a day even if you have 2 Rename Cards in your Inventory.

Follow these steps to change your name

  1. Open PUBG Mobile Game.
  2. Go to the Inventory Menu Option.
  3. You will see a Player ID or Rename Card in the Inventory.
  4. Then Select the Card and tap on Use.
  5. Now you can Enger your New Name and the Player ID will get used.

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This is not actually a trick but PUBG Mobile already given this card to us in an easy manner but we ignored it. I don’t know whether you know this trick or not but when I tried this OMG! It was really good. I asked myself how can I forget to check in to PUBG Mobile.

How to Get Another Rename Card for Free

How to Get New Rename Card for Free

It was like – “When you search for anything and you put full efforts in searching that thing. But the fact is that thing was just beside you and you forget to check there.”

How to Get New Rename Card 100% Free?

Before I share this trick to Get New Rename Card to you let me thank the YouTube Channel who shared this trick with us. Thank you GamerMan. I will share his video at the end of this article. Please visit and subscribe to his channel. And please keep visiting PUBG MOBILE UPDATE [dot] COM.

Even though it seems like you will not have any chance to change your game name in PUBG Mobile, but Let me clear PUBG keeps updating their features and one of them is given below in steps that how you can get New Rename Card if you want to change your game name.

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Steps to get PUBG Mobile New Rename Card

  1. Open PUBG Mobile and Go to Progress Mission.
  2. You might be playing above 50 Levels!!
  3. Ignore it and Go to level 9 and check whether it is completed or not?
Progress Mission 9 is Incomplete

Progress Mission 9 is Incomplete

  • If not, then this trick is just for you, and You can Get New Rename Card.
  • Now if the Second mission in Level 9 is Incomplete you will see the GO option there.
  • When you click there you will be redirected to a chat room.
  • Then you will find a Search option then Search this 13090000ID in the search bar.
  • When you enter the Chat Room ID 13090000 you will get joined to a chat room Named PUBGMOBILEUPDATE.
Search For pubgmobileupdate Room using ID

Search For pubgmobileupdate Room using ID

  • Just say Hi and you can put any message in the room.
  • Once you send the message Restart Your Game, to Get New Rename Card.
pubgmobileupdate chat Room

pubgmobileupdate chat Room

  • Now again visit your Progress Mission and Collect the Mission No. 9 and 10.
  • In Mission 10 You will get Some BP and 1 Rename Card.
  • Congrats You have won a free Rename Card.
Get Free Player New Rename Card

Get Free Player New Rename Card

If you want to thank me then do not leave the chat room and just say thanks, there. I am glad to help you to Get New Rename Card. 😃

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