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PUBG Lite is Dead – You Can’t Play PUBG PC Lite from April 2021

Yes, the PUBG Lite is Dead not PUBG Mobile Lite but the PUBG PC Lite game is no more available to download from 30th March 2021 and the PUBG Lite servers will be shut down from 29th April 2021.

This means PUBG Lite PC Game will be permanently deleted from the web and shut down from 29th April 2021.

What is PUBG PC Lite?

PUBG Lite or PUBG PC lite was the Light and free version of PUBG PC Game, you were able to play this game on a low-end PC and enjoy the PUBG PC Experience just like PUBG Mobile Lite Game.

Why PUBG Lite is Dead Suddenly?

No, it’s not all of a sudden, in November 2020 PUBG Lite removed the in-Game currency L-Coins and it was assumed that the game may shut down soon.

The PUBG Lite website and game is going to shut down permanently and if you want to ask anything or discuss this event you can contact them on the Facebook page.

Ask PUBG on Facebook Page Here

Visit PUBG PC Lite Facebook and Ask why PUBG Lite is dead

Some Important Dates of PUBG Lite Termination:

  • MAR 30th, 2021 (UTC)
    • webpage will be closed
    • New downloads will no longer be available
  • APR 29th, 2021 05:00 (UTC)
    • End of service
  • MAY 29th, 2021 (UTC)
    • Player Support for LITE will no longer be available

Finally PUBG Lite is No More! What to do Now?

So, the news is confirmed and the PUBG PC lite game will be no more after 29th April 2021. What to do after that? Don’t worry if you are not playing PUBG Lite PC Game.

Alternatives to PUBG Lite PC:

Just like you, I am also going to miss this PUBG PC Lite game as it was the PC alternative that was compatible with my Laptop and free to play.

But now we will have to find out some alternatives for this game. I think You can try some story mode games instead of just Playing the Online Battle royale games.

Some other games are coming up that you can play in the future PUBG: New State and the SICO: Mobile Game.

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