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SICO Game Release Date 2021 | Download & GamePlay

Forget PUBG, Forget FAUG one new Battle Royale Game is coming soon, SICO Game. The SICO stands for SPECIAL INSURGENCY COUNTER OPERATIONS and this game is going to be the first Indian Battle Royale game.

Truly speaking, I don’t believe it, because when I visited the game company website, it’s still under construction.

They ask for fund support but the payment is still in test mode, the game trailer is launched and the website is not ready!!

I also read the game info on the Play store but not impressed by what they want to explain is not clear.

I am not blaming the company but if they want to come into the market then our expectations are too high as we already had played the PUBG.

Well, the New Game of PUBG Mobile is also coming up this year – Check PUBG New State Here

What is SICO GAME?

The SICO Game is a Multiplayer FPS Game just similar to COD Mobile Game, it has Battle Royale Mode, Arena Mode, Campaign mode to play in Multiplayer and Solo type.

The SICO Mobile Game Trailer

The Arena Mode may be divided further into Gun Race, Team Deathmatch, and Domination modes. The Free For All is the same as Battle Royale mode with 100 Players fighting in a field.

How to Download the SICO Game?

The SICO Game is developed by Indic Arena Game Studio and its available to Pre-Register on the Google Play Store.

To Pre-Register for this Game – Click Here

SICO - Indian Action Game just like PUBG

The Trailer was published on 6th March 2021 and the Sico Game Release date is not announed Yet.

Game Modes in Sico Game:

As per the information provided on the Play store developer explained there is a total of 5 Game Modes. But no name is mentioned there, I found these modes on the SICO Game Website.

  1. Free For All
  2. Gun Race
  3. Multiple Team Deathmatch
  4. Domination
  5. Campaign
Epic Battle Royale Fights Mode in Sico Game

Total Maps in SICO Game:

The Battle Royale or Free For All Mode is given but what is the Map for this classic Mode fight is not cleared anywhere. There are total 4 maps Revealed on the SICO website as given below.

  1. Ware House
  2. Vanam
  3. Mandapa
  4. Parvata
Arena Mode Maps in Sico Mobile Game

Player Character in SICO Mobile Game:

There are 4 different characters in this SICO Mobile Battler Royale Game and all are given Indian Names just like the Maps.

  1. Captain Shaurya Singh
  2. Rudra
  3. Ana
  4. Shiv

It’s just an introduction, the game developer may launch each character with different abilities. Let’s see how it goes in the future.

SICO Mobile Game Characters

Game Loadouts: Guns in the SICO Game

My favorite part of any battle royale game, the Loadouts, what guns you are getting in the game to play, and how they perform.

All Battle Royale Games nowadays are having the same guns with similar names but just different textures on them.

Here are few popular Loadouts that I feel this Game has.

  1. Snipers
  2. Bolt Rifles
  3. SMG’s
  4. Pistols
  5. Score Streaks
Gun Lobby Lots of Loadout Options in SICO Mobile Game

Final Words – My Opinion on this Game

The overall Game idea is good it looks like this game can compete in this battle royale gaming competition.

But still, what if PUBG Mobile India comes up? then the giant is here and no new game can survive against it.

I just hope the company will keep the game as it was mentioned on the website and just keep asking the players for what they want and keep providing them.

Players from India will support the Make in India game if the game is ready to ful fill their needs.

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