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PUBG Mobile KR Ban in India – Last 3 Months to Enjoy

A really bad news!! specially for Indian Players. The PUBG Mobile KR Ban in India, if you were playing this game without using any VPN directly from India then this is really a bad news for you.

PUBG Mobile is going to restrict the Players from outside of Korea and Japan on PUBG Mobile KR game. You can read the full news on Instagram by clicking here.

Some Important Dates to be noticed:

  • From 2021/05/01, – Users out of Korea and JAPAN will not able to buy any Game currency or Item.
  • From 2021/05/01, – Users out of Korea and Japan will experience Lag during Playing the Game.
  • From 2021/06/30 – Users out of Korea and Japan will not able to log in to the game anymore.
  • For Indian Players – All things mentioned above will take action together From 2021/06/30.

Not only the PUBG Mobile KR but PUBG PC Lite Game is also Dead.

Why PUBG Mobile KR Ban in India?

Not only for India actually but PUBG Mobile KR is banned for all those players playing outside Korea and Japan. This PUBG Mobile KR Ban will take action from 30th June 2021.

PUBG Mobile mentioned about this why they are restricting the PUBG Mobile KR game as below:

KRJP build is a version of a local service for users living in Korea or Japan. For those who live in other countries or regions, your local version or Global version is available. Considering the local cultures and issues of every country and region, and for providing the highest quality of service, the following would be put into effect.

PUBG KR Restricted out of Korea and Japan Original News

What I can conclude over this news is:- Due to PUBG Mobile Banned in India and other regions Players started playing the PUBG KR version and so the Server load increased and to provide a better experience PUBG Mobile KR will not be available to play for other players outside Korea and Japan.
PUBG Mobile KR ban in India – Well explain Video

Why it is bad news for PUBG Mobile Indian Players?

As the PUBG Mobile mentioned in their news, another country has their own PUBG Mobile version or Global version and they can enjoy it.

But in the case of Indian Players, the PUBG Mobile Global version has been banned already and the local PUBG Mobile version is not released yet.

I hope the Local game for Indian Players the PUBG Mobile India will Release Soon.

So after 30/06/2021 nobody including Indian Players outside Korea and Japan will be able to play this PUBG Mobile KR Version.

How to Play the PUBG Mobile KR version from India after Ban?

If you have noticed there is one loophole in this ban. What actually is being done is earlier you were able to play the PUBG Mobile KR game without any VPN from any country.

But after this restriction, if you still try to login into this game then you won’t able to access your account. But if you use any VPN that changes your location to Korea or Japan then you may access this game and play it.

Issue: there is one issue while using a VPN you will encounter Game Lag and then if PUBG Mobile notice you are using a third-party app like VPN your account may get permanently banned.

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