Mini Militia Game Doodle Army 2 – all you need to know.

What is Mini Militia Game?

Mini Militia is a Battle Game Developed by Appsomnics LLC and made available of Play Store by Miniclip; Also part of Doodle Army 2. This game is available on Play Store for Free and we called it a mini militia old version too. You can simply go and download the original version and play it with your friends. Basically, Mini Militia Old Version is the original version, this is for those who hate to play in Hack or Mod APK.

Mini Militia Old Version is the real one but when you start playing in Big Maps you will feel boring. Because the Big maps are too deep and you need extra boost power. So I used a little hack version of an unlimited boost. This version is really good. All other stuff is original same like Old Mini Militia Version, just the Boost is Unlimited adds extra effect in this game

Mini Militia is available for both Android and IOS Device, it was released on 5 April 2011 for Android and on 18 March 2015 for IOS. Both Platforms made this game very popular at that time, and today it is a popular game for all age groups who love to play with their friends.

Download Mini Militia here

About Mini Militia Maps and Weapons:

Mini Militia was launched near about 8 to 9 years ago, and still, it is a crazy game. Many youngsters used to play this game with their friends. As it requires less space in mobile and also available offline. Just connect with your local server and play with your friends. One more reason why this game is still popular is its structure.

Mini Militia Maps are so good they are very interesting and carefully designed so anybody love to play in there. And the weapons and their use, just remind me about the Counterstrike. Imagine if you could play Counterstrike on your phone with just 60 MB Space.

Total Maps in This Game:

There are around 15 Maps in this game but some of them are very popular they are listed below:

  1. Outpost
  2. High Tower
  3. Sub Division
  4. No Escape
  5. Lunarcy
  6. Catacomb
  7. Suspension
  8. Cliff Hanger
  9. Undermine

Out of these, the Outpost is Default and most popular map then, the No Escape Map and Catacomb. When I use to play with my Friends, we usually play in Outpost and Catacomb. Just because of the craze about Saw Gun is available in Catacomb.

Weapons You Can Use:

There are near about More than 18 weapons in Mini Militia.

  1. EMP – an electric Shock gun, for long fire.
  2. Laser Gun
  3. Flame Thrower
  4. Uzi
  5. Desert Eagle – a Pistol gun
  6. Magnum – is also a pistol
  7. M4 – a Rifle.
  8. M14 – is a sniper type
  9. M93BA – a Sniper Rifle
  10. Machete a sword like a weapon
  11. M5 – a Rifle
  12. AK47
  13. Shotgun
  14. Bazooka
  15. Saw Gun
  16. Proxy Mine – is like a land mine
  17. Smoke – Poison gas
  18. Frag – is a grenade

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Game Mode in Mini Militia:

Mini Militia is available in 3 Modes of Gameplay.

  1. Solo Play
  2. Quick Play
  3. Multiplayer
Mini Militia Game Modes
Mini Militia Game Modes

In solo Play, you will play against bots. There are two Different Modes in Solo Play; Training Room and Survival mode. In the Training Room, you will get training for how to play, and in Survival You will have to survive against the bots in the game.

Quick Play Mode is online Gameplay Mode, where Players in your region will connect via the internet and you can play a match against them. You need to connect the game with internet and go in quick play mode, get ready and then you will play in the match.

Multiplayer Mode holds offline mode where you can play with your surrounding friends. Just create a local server by turning on one hotspot and connect other to that hotspot. Then One will select the match mode and others will join him.

Quick Chats in the Game:

  • GG: Good Game – To appreciate other players that the match was as you expected it to be.
  • GM: Oh, They got me! – When your opponents surround you and you ask for help.
  • CB: Come on boy – To tease the enemy player to try to lead him into the brawl.
  • NS: Nice shot – When the bullets hit the right spot.
  • WP: You wanna piece of me! – To inflame other players to go against you.
  • BI: Bring it – Alternative of “show me what you got,” to challenge.
  • LG: Let’s go, Yeah! – when everybody is ready, and you pump them, to begin with, zeal.
  • RU: Ready Up – Get ready quickly and start the game.
  • NN: No – To deny opponents view.
  • CM: Cover me – To ask for backfire so that you lead them.
  • HH: Hoo-ya – Words of encouragement.
  • MO: Move out – Evacuate the area for other players.
  • GS: Get Some – After firing bullets or throwing bombs and killing an opponent to tease him you say “Get some.”

Mini Militia 3: Launch Date

Yes, it’s true, Doodle Army Developers are planning for new Game for More action. Still, this news is not confirmed, maybe they are planning the game to be developed similar to current age games. As we all know today’s popular games are PUBG, Fortnite, etc. And to compete with them Mini Militia needs, to add some cool stuff like chat option, online servers, more guns etc.

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Mini Militia Mobile Game
Mini Militia

Mini Militia is a Battle Game Developed by Appsomnics LLC and made available of Play Store by Miniclip; Also part of Doodle Army 2

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