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Instantly Change Server in PUBG Mobile – No 60 Days Waiting

Did you see that Waiting Time? You cant Change Server in PUBG Mobile before 60 days from season 16!!! But, I know one hack over this condition, want to know it? just keep reading.

Due to high server load, PUBG Mobile company limited the frequent server change in the game. That is after the PUBG Mobile Season 16 update players are not able to change their servers up to 60 days normally.

But I know how to crack this situation, and it does not take any money, Root, or any MOD it’s just one simple PUBG Trick.

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How to Change Server in PUBG Mobile – Before 60 Days?

Follow these simple steps to change your PUBG Mobile Game server anytime you want, with no 60 days waiting time.

Step 1: First open the PUBG Mobile and go to Your Clan

Step 2: Then click on the Shop option in the Clan

Step 3: Buy a Room Card from the Clan Shop. (If you already have one thats great)

Step 4: Now go to Mode and create one New Room and do settings.

Create new Room to change PUBG Mobile Server

Step 5: Then click on the Server option and select any server you want to change.

Step 6: Now you can go back to PUBG Mobile Settings and check that your server has been changed.

PUBG Mobile Server has been changed successfully

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Bad News: PUBG Mobile KR is going to Ban out of Korea and Japan

How to Choose the Best Server in PUBG Mobile?

When you choose the game server in PUBG Mobile you always see Ping Number after the server name. That server is located in a nearby region that can exchange the game files as you play the game online.

The best way to choose the best game server is to identify your country server or neighbor country server. It might happen that your server is showing low Ping but due to the heavy load of PUBG Players, the server may face a lag issue.

So, to deal with this situation PUBG Mobile company restricted the access to change the PUBG server for 60 Days.

Check Following condition before you change your Server:

  • Server with Lowest Ping is a good option
  • Also, check the density of players on that server (approximately)
  • Your Internet Provider Ping Loss

TIp: Choosing the 2nd Best Server is better option as most of the player go for the Lowest Ping server.

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