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Can Not Connect to the Server – PUBG New State [11.11.2021 All Issues Explained]

This “Can Not Connect to the Server” issue is not common for all, some might be getting issues while signing in, and some might get the server issue after loading 38% of the game. Here I will share some PUBG New State Issues and their Official Solutions by Krafton shared on the New State website.

Finally, the New State PUBG is released on Google Play Store Globally. Now no Alpha test mode or Beta Game Download. But Why we are facing issues?

Today on 11th Nov 2021 at 4 Am UTC the PUBG New State was released on Google Play Store globally. Initially, the game was tested in Hongkong and United States.

So those from Hongkong and US region may not be facing these issues, but other players from regions like India, Pakistan, and other countries can not connect to the server of the PUBG new Stae.

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Here is What Krafton had Explained about the Server Issue:


To Know all issues encountered in the PUBG New State Global version you can read the News Published on the New State Website. Click Here

Can Not Connect to the Server? – All Issues are here:

Here are some common Reasons Why You Can Not Connect to the Server?

  • Game Released for all so server load is possible
  • New Game from Krafton always have some issues and bugs
  • Network Hobbing is possible reason for some people
  • Mobile/ISP Firewal is not allowing Krafton to access the Data

Although there are more possibilities that may be in the Krafotn Servers, you can either wait till the issue gets resolved or use any VPN Trick.

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Unable to Connect to the Server - PUBG new State Server issue
Unable to Connect to the Server – Stuck at 38%

What is the Solution then?

I know we all have used any VPN in our life till today, so simply you can download the same one and connect to Hongkong OR USA servers and then open PUBG New State.

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OR You can simply stay back wait for the day and try to log in tomorrow again, and stay connected to the Official PUBG New State Website or subscribe to this blog for upcoming news.

PUBG New State All Issues Today!

The New State PUBG is a new game and not only you but more than 50% of the PUBG Mobile Players waiting for this game to see what’s new.

So due to unexpected load on the servers and possible code error in the game that we called Bugs PUBG New State is not working for some players.

If we assume the past records of Krafton then minor issues will be there in the game for the next 30 days and this is normal.

Gameplay Issues:

  • False Ping Issue? – If the game is displaying any random ping to your then neglect it, because its an Temperory UI issue it will get fixed by the Krafton developers soon. “You can Relaunch the Game and change the Server from your Side <Settings → Basic →  Connection →  Select Server>.”
  • Server Connect Issue? – Use VPN for tempery purpose or wait till Krafton fixes the issues.
  • Flickering colors in-game? – This is may be because you are using an Older Android or iOS version please wait for some time or Update your Phone OS. If this issue continues, please go to the Graphics Setting and change it.
  • Continously Reloading Issue? – This is temperorly bug will get fixed soon.
  • Item Quatity is Zero – If you cant see any Quantity in game even after picking up the items? dont worry its Temperory UI Issue will get fixed soon.

Lots of other issues are there if you want to read them all just Go the PUBG New State News Website.

Is PUBG New State Available in India?

Yes, from 11th Nov 2021 9:30 Am PUBG New State is Available to Download from Google Play Store in India and all over the World.

How to Download PUBG New State Available in India?

You can simply go to the Google Play Store, and Install the PUBG New State on your Android Phone. If you do not see any game install button then Visit Tap Tap to Download PUBG New State

Minimum Speks for PUBG New State:

PUBG New State is an Advance Battle Royale Game that needs some decent quality Mobile devices with the following Specifications to play the game.

  • OS: Android OS 5.1 and Above
  • RAM: 4GB Ram and More
  • Processor: Qualcom G series Processor
  • Storage: 2 GB Free Storage
  • Internet: 10MBPS High Speed Internet
  • Display: 90Hz or More for better FPS.

Conclusion: That’s it for today, the new version for PUBG is finally in our hands wait for this day and soon I will see you in the battleground. Subscribe for Free UC and PUBG Updates.

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