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BGMI Vs PUBG New State – Top 10 Changes with Video Proof

There is a very strong reason why I am writing about this BGMI Vs PUBG New State. There was a time in India that PUBG Mobile and all alternatives were banned to be played.

All we were trying to play the PUBG Mobile or the KR version using Any VPN, but now today we can Play BGMI, PUBG New State, and obviously the PUBG Mobile too using VPN.

So, as I mentioned in the title here are the top 10 changes in PUBG New State that beat the BGMI and PUBG Mobile games themselves.

  1. The Graphics Quality
  2. New Gameplay Control options
  3. New Vehicles in Game
  4. New Weapons in the Game
  5. Player Moves are more Realistic
  6. Not for Rooted Phones
  7. Vehicle destruction on firing is changed
  8. Smoke, Grenade, and Molotov Effects changed
  9. New Beta Maps added (Erangel 3.0)
  10. Blue Zone is Awesome (feel when you pass through)

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Some major issues were fixed like the policies are now applied so PUBG New State will not get banned again in India. If you are using any Rooted phone then the PUBG New State will not open.

Before I explain these things in detail just have a look over BGMI Vs PUBG New State top 10 changes given in this video below.

What’s New in BGMI Vs PUBG New State?

Let’s start with the major change in PUBG New State that is dominating the PUBG Mobile, and BMGI Market itself. This new game has crossed 10M+ downloads within 1 day of official Launch.

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The basic reasons are here why PUBG New State is dominating the Battle Royale game so fast.

  1. PUBG New State game has ultra high quality Graphics.
  2. The Game is Hacker Proof (Rooted phones can not install this)
  3. This Game is available for Global Players to play together
PUBG New State Record Break Installation

If you have not installed this game then just Visit the PUBG New State Google Play Link.

BGMI Vs PUBG New State Graphics Quality:

BGMI is a 99% copy of PUBG Mobile and its Graphics Quality is not better than that. But if you have ever played the PUBG PC Game then you will feel the same thing in PUBG New State.

PUBG New State Graphics Quality is so good that you will feel every Building Structure/Rocks/Trees/grass and even the water is real.

Water Quality and Transparency is so good that if you dive into the Water you will see underwater Land and Players clearly.

There is no Blur in the Graphics quality for the long-distance objects in PUBG New Stae (if your phone supports it).

Realistic Graphics can be observed one more time if you see the Shield like structure (the Blue Zone Wall), when you pass through it feels like any Sci-Fi Movie.

BGMI Vs PUBG New State Destruction Effects:

I am combining all throwables and car destruction effects here in one section. When you throw the Molotov in PUBG New State you will see the fire flames as real flames.

Even the Smoke effect is enhanced and it will slowly acquire the area when you throw the smoke grenade.

Now when you fire on a vehicle let’s say UAZ first the doors will get destroyed before blowing up the vehicle.

The same goes with Building Doors, when you fire over a door it will break like it’s real; to completely destroy the door you need to fire at different parts of the door.

You might have seen the random Wooden shades in the Game, now you can destroy them with your vehicle too. This means now nobody can hide inside the shade.

BGMI Vs PUBG New State Hackers Possiblity:

As per the news, PUBG New State will not allow players to use Rooted devices to play this game. And by this case, if your device is not rooted you can not run any extra application to manipulate the Game.

If you try to play the PUBG New Sate with Rooted Phone it will not start and show you the warning about your device is rooted please try another device.

Funny: Here is one funny thing if you want to check if your phone is rooted you can try this game LOL!!

Other New Things in PUBG New State:

The enhanced Erangel Map is now available in PUBG New State called Erangel 3.0 Map (Erangel 2051). This includes some changes in the Map Structure and Graphics quality.

New Beta Map has been added in this Game TROI, Station (Beta), etc.

Players Moves have changed the new character looks like a movie hero in the game while playing.

Game Controls has been adapted with new requirements and changes in the controls. You can choose the camera view from the Sholder view to feel the FPP and TPP combination.


The overall game is very good, if you have a Mobile Phone with 8GB RAM with a 90Hz Display you can enjoy the quality in PUBG New State VS BGMI.

But if you still need to update your mobile phone then BGMI and Free Fire is the only option, my friend.

There is no doubt that PUBG New State beats PUBG Mobile and BGMI in every aspect.

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