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Get Free 3000 BGMI UC for Limited Time Offer for Android/iOS

A New Event has arrived in BGMI to get Free 3000 BGMI UC for Limited Time. You just have to log in to the Battlegrounds Mobile India game with your Account daily and Play some matches to get these Free 3000 BGMI UC bundles.

Some UC Bundles will be credited to your Inventory after you spend some time in the game (by playing a match or just staying in the lobby).

All Free 3000 BGMI UC bundles are available in 100 to 500 UC bundles and all are named with Limited Time UC. These UC will not be credited to your regular UC account but you will find all 3000 BGMI UC in the Inventory section.

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From 9th November 2021 all these 3000 BGMI UC will be valid for the next 62 days to redeem and soon the UC redeem Store for these Limited time UC will get launched and we can shop using these Free UC.

How to Get Free 3000 BGMI UC in your Account?

The Limited Time BGMI Free UC bunches are open for all, you just need to go back to your BGMI Account and spend some time in the Lobby or by playing some matches with your Squad.

The more you will play the more you will get a Bunch of UC packs. This event will end in a few days and nobody will be able to spend this Limited time Free UC from the BGMI store.

Follow the Guide given below to Redeem All 3000 BGMI UC in your Account:

  • First Open the BGMI game and Get Logged in to your Account.
  • Now Go to Events and Check for each event where you can see UC Reward.
  • Read to condition and complete the task to collect the BGMI Free UC.
  • Some UC Packs will be unlocked on Perticular dates only so log in again on that day.
  • All Collected Free UC Packs will be saved to your Inventory.
Redeem Your BGMI FREE UC Daily

Note: All these 3000 BGMI UC (limited Time UC) can be used in the Limited-Time UC store only. Once the Store is unlocked you can go and shop for upcoming items, skins, and emotes.

This Event is just like other BGMI/PUBG Mobile Events where you get Snowballs, Diyas, Coins, etc items here you get Limited Time UC instead.

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