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PUBG Mobile Best Assault Rifle Guide –  Which AR is best in Battle Ground

PUBG Mobile Best Assault Rifle Guide:

In PUBG Mobile there are around 10 Types of Assault Rifle at the Present Time. But not all of them are actually great, each of them is functioned different and are rare to get if it’s the best AR. Below I have written some PUBG Mobile Best Assault Rifles that are really good in Battle Ground to take tough Fight.

List of Assault Rifles in PUBG Mobile

  1. AKM
  2. AUG A3
  3. G36C
  4. Groza
  5. M416
  6. M16
  7. M762
  8. Mk14
  9. QBZ
  10. Scar-L

Some of the above Assault Rifles are easy to get but some PUBG Mobile Best Assault Rifles are really very good and very rare to get. Let’s discuss the top AR Rifle that you should use in Battle Ground.

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AKM – Similar to AK47:

AKM is best to use in Medium range and Short Range Fight uses 7.62 Ammo. If you do not find any Sniper Rifle but have a 6X Scope you can use AKM on Single Mode as a Sniper. In close combat, AKM has much more recoil but if you use Red dot and Compensator then you can control much recoil. This is Good but not PUBG Mobile Best Assault Rifle because of the only reason “recoil”.

AKM Assault Rifle

AKM Assault Rifle

Attachments you will need with AKM:

  1. Best Scope: Red Dot and 2X for Short Range on Auto Mode and 6X for Long Range on Single Mode
  2. Muzzle: Compensator is good but uses suppressor if you want to control Recoil. There is no extra Fore Grip Option to Reduce AKM Recoil, so it’s finally up to your skill set.
  3. Mag: Best if you use QuickDraw Extended Mag. Easy to reload and Contain 40 Bullets.

M762: Also Called Barrel Rifle:

M762 uses 7.62 Ammo and is really good AR for Close Combat. I will suggest using M762 AR instead of any other if you land in Georgo, or Novo or Pochinki. The Best part of this rifle is you can easily Knockout 2 Enemies in close combat keeping it on Auto mode. We can call it a PUBG Mobile Best Assault Rifle because of its fire and less recoil than AKM.

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M762 Assault Rifle

M762 Assault Rifle

Attachments you will need with M762:

  1. Best Scope: You can use this AR without any Scope in Short Range. But if you want to use then use Red Dot or 2X or 3X Scope. This AR is not good for Long Range so try to use it for close combat only.
  2. ForeGrip: This AR really supportive in case of recoil and you can attach angular, thumb or vertical grip to reduce the Recoil.

M416: Most Favourite AR

M416 is Really Great AR or PUBG Mobile Best Assault Rifle; uses 5.56 Ammo, it is good for Close and Long Range Combat. You can say this is a combination of AKM and M762. Power or AKM with handling similar to M762. If you find M416 in the starting, then you are really lucky.

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M416 Assault Rifle

M416 Assault Rifle

Attachments you will need with M416:

  1. Scope: No need of scope in Close combat, if you need so you can use any scope rather that holographic. Because it is better to use no scope than using Holographic scope for this AR. It is easy to control recoil for this AR so don’t worry if you did not find any extra attachments for M416. Having M416 with you is enough.

Scar-L: If not Found M416

Scar-L was much popular and PUBG Mobile Best Assault Rifle in all AR before M416 was launched. The major Point that M416 overcome over Scar-L is the use of Scope for Close Combat. You will require any Scope to take medium and close range combat using Scar-L. Other things are Most Similar to M416.

Scar-L Assault Rifle

Scar-L Assault Rifle

Attachments you will need with Scar-L:

  1. Scope: Scope is really very necessary to fight using Scar-L pickup whatever scope you get at the beginning. Later you can use 4X and 6X also to beat the enemy.
  2. Foregrip: You can use similar Foregrip as you need to use with M762 AR. Angled, Vertical, Thumb, Half Grip, etc.

AUG A3: Epic AR found in Air Supply

AUG Assault Rifle is rare to find; you can only get this AR in Air Supply Drop but is PUBG Mobile Best Assault Rifle. As AUG uses 5.56 Ammo, you can use it in replacement of M416 or Scar-L in the Last Circle. Firing Speed is really too impressive when you take direct fight it’s better to have this AR.

AUG an Epic Assault Rifle

AUG an Epic Assault Rifle

Attachments you will need with AUG A3:

  1. Scope: Best if you use Red Dot because you need to take the close fight. But also supports 4X Scope if you have Foregrip to reduce Recoil.
  2. Foregrips: Use Vertical and Angled Foregrip to reduce much Recoil. If you were carrying any 5.56 AR and you get AUG later, then you can use similar Foregrip Attachments to AUG too.

Groza: Epic AR Found in Air Supply

Similar Epic Assault Rifle to AUG, but uses 7.62 Ammo. It’s working quite similar to AKM but has less much fast firing speed and damage. If you use Scope more than 4X then recoil increases and your enemy may get damaged but you might not kill him. Try to use Red Dot or 2X with this AR.

Groza an Epic Assault Rifle

Groza an Epic Assault Rifle

Attachments you will need with Groza:

  1. Scope: This Epic AR Supports Red Dot, 2X and 3X very good but if you want to use 4X or 6X then you can use Groza on Single mode. Similar to AKM this AR does not support any Extra Foregrips to reduce Recoil.

Before you judge any Rifle by this Article you just check out the Technical details from Image Given Below and Decide which AR you should Prefer to fight

PUBG Mobile Assault Rifle Comparison

PUBG Mobile Assault Rifle Comparison

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