Survivor Royale is a Battle Royale game that is very similar to the PUBG Mobile game. If you start playing, then you will realize this game is very similar to PUBG Mobile Lite. The gameplay is somehow similar to Free Fire.

This game was released in November 2017 and Published by NetEase. You can play this game on IOS, Android, and PC. The game size for Mobile is around 1 GB and 4GB for PC.

Survivor Royale game graphics are not much high so your mobile with medium configuration can support this game easily.

Story Behind this Game:

There is a story behind Survivor Royale Game; ongoing from today in the Year 2050 Earth Population reaches 10 Billion. This causes natural disasters and a deficiency of Natural resources.

So to save the earth leaders from some powerful countries get together in a secret meeting. Where they decide and wipe out 7 Billion Population with nuclear weapons.

Around 60 Cities and 7 billion people wipe out within a second. And remaining people survive and fight to live against Radiation and no electricity and connectivity. After 40 Years the world gets connected again and forms a different society.

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This society creates Caste differences; Higher class people live in a high-class clean environment with all facilities. Where Lower Caste People work for the higher class people and survive in Nuclear Radiations with very poor life. Then an Island is given for Battle Royale where 100 lower Caste people fight to survive and get a place in Higher caste life.

survivor royale Warriors
survivor royale Warriors

Either you will win and get a place in High Caste society or die of dreaming about. This was the only option in the Battle Royale island. This is then called as Survivor Royale

Survivor Royale Game Specification:

  • Big Map
  • Good Graphics
  • Compatible for low configuration Mobiles
  • Can play on IOS, Android, and PC
  • Impressive Weapons and Vehicles

Minimum Device Configuration to play Survivor Royale:

You can play Survivor Royale game on Mobile and PC, for this you need to download the 1 GB game for Mobile and 4 GB game for PC both Games are free to download and play.

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Minimum Configuration for Mobile:

  • Android 5.0 and Above
  • 2 GB Ram
  • Internal Storage 2 GB Free.
  • High-Speed Internet.
  • Big display Mobile at least 5”

Minimum Configuration for PC:

  • Windows 7 and Above System.
  • 5 GB internal Storage Free Space.
  • Minimum 4 GB Ram.
Armored Vehicle
Armored Vehicle

Weapons List in Survivor Royale:

  • M860 – Shotgun
  • SK12 – Automatic Shotgun
  • MP5 – SMG
  • MK5 – SMG
  • UZI – SMG
  • AK47 – Assault Rifle
  • SACR – Assault Rifle
  • M4A1 – Assault Rifle
  • M24 – Sniper Rifle
  • AWM – Sniper Rifle
  • 98K – Sniper Rifle

Weapons given above are shown in the image below where you can see which weapon is good to use. The image below shows you which weapon damage more and how many damages can kill the enemy. Stats given below are for Enemy with and without Armour.

Survivor Royale Weapons
Survivor Royale Weapons

Survivor Royale GamePlay:

As I mentioned at the start of this game is similar to PUBG Mobile, the gameplay is also similar to PUBG Mobile. Here 100 Players flies in a Plane and jumps to an island, where they find enough Armour, weapons and Heal to survive till the last.

The one who stays alive till last will win the match and become the one member who can join the higher caste people as per the game story.

Survivor Royale Game Play
Survivor Royale Game Play

You can use 11 different types of weapons except Throwable’s, count them separately. There are armored vehicles in this game that you can use to fight with enemies while you play in the squad. You can play in a private room, Multiplayer with online players on server and Arcade Mode; a quick match where you kill and get points. The more times you kill your enemy and the less time you die lets you win.

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The arcade game modes are such as Sniper Elite, which a normal game but with sniper rifles only. 50v50 where two teams battle each other. Zombie Siege which includes enemy zombies. And even a Fireworks Night mode where only fireworks weapons spawn on a night map.

Download Survivor Royale
Download Survivor Royale

How to Install Survivor Royale on PC?

If you use the PC helper given by Survivor Royale game to play the game on PC then it is tough. This method needs some tasks like this: you can download this game either from the Play Store or visit the official website here.

  • Download the Game helper in PC (1GB)
  • Install the helper (1GB)
  • Install the game in Mobile (1GB)
  • Then Scan the Bar code showing in PC to log in your Mobile Game in PC.

To avoid this data loss and hard steps I suggest you use any one of the steps below.

  1. Download Android OS in PC – like Phoenix OS
  2. Download Emulator Software in PC – like Tencent Gaming or Bluestack.

If you want to know more then you have to read similar articles which will help you how to play Survivor Royale Game on PC. After reading that article if you still face any problem please let us know in the comments below.