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PUBG Mobile Best SMG Guide – Which SMG is Best

PUBG Mobile Best SMG:

At Current time there are 4 SMG Guns in PUBG Mobile. Ultimately The SMG either uses 0.45 Ammo or 9MM Ammo. These are a one-handed gun that needs less handling power and has fewer recoil lets discuss PUBG Mobile Best SMG. The SMG Guns hits Less Damage to the enemy than Assault Rifle but it is good if you don’t find any AR.

You must be thinking what is the Logic of Carrying SMG if we can use Assault Rifle and Sniper? Yes, you are right but the thing, when you are on Bike or 3 Sitter and enemy, is chasing you. In this condition, you cannot use AR on Bike or on 3 Sitter. But you can use SMG guns on any vehicle.

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List of SMG Guns:

  1. UMP 9
  2. UZI
  3. Vector
  4. Thompson

UMP 9: The PUBG Mobile Best SMG

UMP 9 is PUBG Mobile Best SMG among all SMG Guns with 9 MM Ammo. This gun has a long-range and firing speed than other SMG Guns. The second best SMG is Vector. You can use this UMP 9 Gun if you do not find any AR or also the best secondary Gun if you do not find any sniper or AR.

UMP 9 Ultimate SMG Gun

UMP 9 Ultimate SMG Gun

Attachments for UMP 9:

  1. Scope: UMP 9 Supports all scopes rather than 8X. If you use 4X then it is really good to fire at long medium-range and short-range also.
  2. Foregrip: Supports Angled, Vertical, and Thumb Grip similar to the Assault rifle. You can use Extended to exceed the limit of Reload from 30 to 40 bullets.

Vector: The Second Best SMG Gun

The Second Best SMG gun in PUBG Mobile is Vector because it supports Scope. The Remaining SMG Guns do not support Scope and have a Short range of firing than Vector. Vector uses 0.45 Ammo and has a very fast firing speed. If you use Vector on Enemy Headshot, then it can damage the level 2 helmet and knock out your enemy in one reload of 13 bullets. Yes, the initial reload for vector is just 13 bullets but you can extend it up to 25 by using extended Mag.

Vector Second Most Ultimate SMG Gun

Vector Second Most Ultimate SMG Gun

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Attachments for Vector:

  1. Scope: Vector Supports All scope except 8X and can easily fire up to the range of 6X scope. If you use it on Single firing mode and use 6X then it can work as DMRs in your worst condition when you don’t have any AR or sniper.
  2. Foregrip: Vector Supports Vertical, Half grip, and Light Grip.

UZI: Short Range Killer SMG

UZI is Dangerous and Second Most PUBG Mobile Best SMG; if you fire from a short-range, it can damage and knock out your enemy. Because of its Ultimate Firing Speed, I love to use UZI until I get a better Replacement in the AR category. UZI uses 9 MM Ammo and does not support any scope or Foregrip.

UZI Best Short Range SMG Gun

UZI Best Short Range SMG Gun

Attachments for UZI:

  1. Muzzle: You can use an SMG Suppressor to reduce the firing nose.
  2. Stock: Stock can help you to fire better and reduce some recoil
  3. Mag: SMG Extended and SMG Quick Draw Extended Mag are best to use for UZI.

Thompson: Last but not least

Thompson is an SMG Gun uses 0.45 Ammo and useful to kill any enemy in an emergency if you are trapped and have no option rather than Thompson. This SMG can fire up to 40 bullets at a time and you can extend the limit up to 50 bullets. As Thomson does not support any Scope, it is used in a very rare case. The fun fact is if we consider Thompson in PUBG Mobile Best SMG then it will insult other SMGs.

Thompson Best Short Range SMG Gun

Thompson Best Short Range SMG Gun

Thompson Supported Attachments:

  1. Foregrip: Vertical Foregrip is supported by Thompson
  2. Muzzle: SMG suppressor is supported
  3. Mag: You can Use SMG Extended and SMG Quickdraw Extended Mag for Thompson

Before you judge any SMG by this Article you just check out the Technical details from Image Given Below and Decide which SMG you should Prefer to fight.

PUBG Mobile SMG Comparison

PUBG Mobile SMG Comparison

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