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PUBGM Community Event – Win iPhone 12 Pro Max

Are you eager to know how to play the PUBG Mobile Community Event and win the iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12, iPhone SE, and $150 Worth PUBG Free UC?? then let’s get started!!

PUBG Mobile has started one community event named The History of PUBG Mobile. On the occasion of the 3rd Anniversary of PUBG Mobile players wining this Event will be awarded an iPhone mobile phone.

What is The PUBG Mobile Community Event?

PUBG Mobile celebrating its 3rd Anniversary and if you are with PUBG from the beginning and saved some memories with PUBG then you can make a video and participate in this PUBG Mobile Community Event and become a part of the History of PUBG Mobile.

Those who create a video of 30 seconds and share it with PUBG Mobile and if they like it you can win any of between an iPhone 12 pro max to $50 USD Free PUBG UC.

The history of PUBG Mobile - win iPhone and Free UC worth 150 USD
PUBG MOBILE Community Event

PUBG Mobile Community Event Details:

Some important facts to know about this PUBG Mobile Event and some rules to be followed if you want to win. The official post has been shared on PUBG Mobile Twiter and PUBG Mobile Reddit.

  • Event Start Date: 9th March 2021
  • Event End Date: 30th March 2021
  • Accounts Need: You need to have a Youtube Account, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Account.
  • Video Type: You have to make a Documentary type 30 sec. trailer.
  • Event Judge: PUBG MOBILE Community Team.
  • Compulsory hashtag: #PUBGMAnniv3rsary
  • How to Win? Make a Unique video with your captured memories and the video should explain a story.

Prizes in PUBG Mobile Community Event:

  • First Prize: iPhone 12 Pro max
  • Second Prize: iPhone 12
  • Third Prize: iPhone SE
  • Fourth Prize: 100 USD Free UC
  • Fifth Prize: 50 USD Free UC

How to Participate in The History of PUBG Mobile Event?

Very easy to participate in this PUBG Mobile event, you might not see this in your games event but yes I will show you how to participate step by step.

Step 1: Collect all you PUBG Mobile Memories in the form of Gameplays Recordings or Screenshots.

Step 2: Now Design a story that can be explained with your Data you have collected and make one 30 Seconds video on it.

Step 3: Then upload that video to Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with one hashtag in the Post that is – #PUBGMAnniv3rsary

Step 4: Now wait for the PUBG Mobile Community Team Judges to check your documentary film and if they like you will get a rank.

Check the Top 5 Winner Prizing shared above and the better your story the more you will have a chance to win.

If you feel this information is helpful to you then please share it with your friends and I will suggest making one video in Group because More great minds come together to make great things together than a solo one.

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