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PUBG Mobile Sara – New Character Not for Free

PUBG Mobile Sara – A Cute Girl

As per PUBG Mobile Season 10 Update news, there was a new girl character mentioned in that news. And finally, we are getting the girl in PUBG Mobile Sara through an event named “Here Comes Sara!”.

This Sara is a mechanic girl; what PUBG Mobile has introduced her like “Sara- A Vehicle Engineer”. PUBG Mobile also stated one thing about Sara’s Skill is that: “Vehicle takes less damage when they are driven by Sara or Sara is Passenger.”

So this was a short introduction about PUBG Mobile Sara and I loved the way she is designed looks pretty cute girl. I hope the best of luck and welcome a new member of PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile Sara Event

PUBG Mobile Sara Event

But still, the question arises, how to get Sara? Like the PUBG Mobile Companion, this PUBG Mobile Sara also came with an event and we need to perform some simple tasks to unlock her.

If you missed the chance to get Sara for free please don’t miss the chance to get PUBG Mobile Carlo for Free

Getting Sara in PUBG Mobile is easy than getting a Companion in PUBG Mobile. If you want to know how to unlock PUBG Mobile Companion, then just read another article called PUBG Mobile Companion.

How to Unlock PUBG Mobile Sara?

This new character is only unlocking with “60 Character Vouchers”. To get these 60 Character Vouchers you need to wait till the event reaches its 5th day. Today is the first day of the event that is on 22nd Nov 2019.

But to unlock Sara you also need to perform some task that is easy but necessary to do it regularly. This task is to log in daily and send Hurray’s to Sara.

How to Send Hurray to Sara?

  • Log in to PUBG Mobile
  • Go to Event Section
  • Go to Time-Limited Events and Look for “Here comes Sara”
  • Then Click on Go
  • Now you will see two tasks daily Complete both to send Hurray’s to Sara and Collect BP Coins
  • You can Collect the Rewards shown below the task when your Personal and Server hurray’s match together.

    PUBG Mobile Sara Event Details

    PUBG Mobile Sara Event Details

So this is the collaboration of you and us we all need to Hurray together to get the Reward of 60 Character Vouchers and then we can unlock the PUBG Mobile Sara – a smart mechanic girl.

How to Unlock Sara in PUBG Mobile

How to Unlock Sara in PUBG Mobile

Event Rules:

  • Event Time Limit: 22 Nov to 27 Nov 2019
  • Login Daily and complete Daily missions in this event
  • Then collect the hurray’s and send it to Sara
  • To get Rewards to match the personal Hurray with Server hurray’s
  • Hurrays Must be earned and use on the same day.
  • If you don’t see the Hurray after mission completion refreshes the page.
  • Buggy Skin is limited for 3 Days.

Finally its 27 November 2019 – Buy Sara for 600UC:

Yes as per the PUBG Mobile announcement they have to bring Sara to the game with exciting emotes and lovely Voice. You must listen and see this before you think about her price. You can Buy Sara Character for 600 UC or you need 600 Character Vouchers.

Even I haven’t purchased a Royale Pass but now I am thinking of purchasing this Sara character after listening to her voice and her lovely emote as shown in the video below, that you should watch.

You can check this out by just following some steps given below.

  • Go to inventory and look for Character Shards.
  • Click on the shards and then click to use it.
  • Now you will see your current character now change the character to Sara.
  • Enjoy her moves and voice. If you also can’t resist please let me know in the comment box if you purchased Sara.
  • Sara was not for free but the characters will work as a discount of 60 Character Vouchers equal to 60 UC off.


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