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Get PUBG Mobile Companion – 100% Free and Permanent

Yes, I know we all were waiting for PUBG Mobile Companion “Falcon” since the Update version 0.12. And finally, get ready to get PUBG Mobile Companion 100% Free and for Lifetime with your PUBG Mobile Character.

This Season 10 Update version 15.5 launched this Companion surprisingly. Nobody was expecting that we PUBG Players will get PUBG Mobile Companion.

If you are following us then you might have read our PUBG Mobile Code Falcon Event Article. This event was held in the month of May 2019 and we need to find out the location of Falcon bird Eggs and during that particular match we were able to use the companion.

PUBG Mobile Companion in Season 10

PUBG Mobile Companion in Season 10

This Companion is available to you with some conditions, you need to join the Event and Play PUBG Mobile classic matches with your friends to complete the daily missions given in this event.

To know more let’s go further and follow the steps given to unlock this PUBG Mobile Companion in Season 10 Update version 15.5.

How to Get PUBG Mobile Companion?

The companion is not available for all, what I mean is if you are a regular player of PUBG Mobile then you can get this Companion easily.

As to get this PUBG Mobile Companion you need to complete the daily challenge and collect Companion Shards then you can redeem them to get PUBG Mobile Companion “Falcon”

Falconry Manual

Falconry Manual

Note: This Event is Valid from 11th Nov to 18th Nov 2019. Later what will happen only PUBG Corp knows?


  • Go to Event Section in PUBG Mobile
  • Then go to Time-Limited Section and look for the Falconry manual.
  • Open that manual from 11th to 18th of Nov to collect Free 2 Companion Shards and Companion Frame Avatar.
  • To get these Rewards you need to fulfill the following requirements:
    • Open all Exclamatory sign tips.
    • View all images in zoom given in the manual.
  • You will find the top 1 at left top tip 2 on the right bottom and tip 3 on the right top side.
  • Now go to Themed Event Section and look for Summon Team Up section.
  • To collect more shards you need to login daily and play PUBG Mobile to complete the missions given in the Summon Team Up event.
  • You can Redeem these Companion Shards with Companion Food and Companion itself and Companion Avatar as shown in the image Summon Redemption.

You will get at most 5 shards daily after completing the mission in Summon Team Up Themed Event. To get PUBG Mobile Companion you need at least 50 Companion Shards.

So play daily and earn 5 shards daily X 8 Days = 40 shards and 2 shards from Falconry Manual that is 42 Shards.

To get a total of 50 shards so you can get PUBG Mobile Companion Falcon you need to buy the rest of the shards from the Royale Pass Mission Redeem Section.

Buy Companion Shards from Shop

Buy Companion Shards from Shop

Buy Companion shards in PUBG Mobile:

Follow the steps given below to know how to buy Companion shards to get Companion in PUBG Mobile.

  • Go to Royale Pass Mission section
  • Then go to redeem section and you will see some shards as shown in the image.
  • You need to reach a certain RP level to unlock the Purchase of Companion shards.
  • Reach to the required level and purchase these shards and redeem your Permanent Companion in PUBG Mobile.

That’s it if you still face any problem regarding how you can get Permanent PUBG Mobile Companion and similar to this to be free to comment below and contact us. You can contact us from the As Question page on the menu.

The PUBG Mobile Companion Event has ended but still you can get this Falcon for 1500/UC in the Shop

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