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PUBG PC Lite Best Guns to kill Enemy

PUBG PC Lite Best Guns Gameplay:

The PUBG PC Lite Best Guns Gameplay is somehow Similar to another PUBG Games. You just need to hands-on and if playing on PC then check key mapping first.

TRAINING MODE – Training mode allows 5 – 20 players to be queued and join this 2 × 2 practice map. Players will be able to practice with the full range of weapons and vehicles to handle them in the game. You can test the PUBG PC Lite Best Guns here.

ERANGEL – Erangel is a fictional island located in the Black Sea. Around the year 1950, the island was captured by the Soviet Union as a military experimental facility, which explains military base and storage facilities. Local people who formed a resistance struggled to regain the island, which resulted in the island being abandoned. A map of 8 * 8 km provides different environments such as nuclear power plants, military bases, flood cities, swamps, and mountains.

MIRAMAR – Miramar is a desert-themed map, which is exactly the opposite of Erangel, which is covered in dense grass and forests. The ruined desert area is described with sandy valleys, sparse stones, and oil fields. Unique rugged terrain and dense urban city areas create a challenge for survival. To enjoy a dynamic battle Royal experience, Miramar – create a new strategy with exclusive weapons and vehicles.

PUBG PC Lite Short Gameplay in POCHINKI:

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PUBG PC Lite Best Guns –

The game will include these new weapons: PUBG PC Lite Best Guns

  • Beryl M762 (7.62MM), which has a higher fire rate than AKM
  • MK47 mutants (7.62MM), which is ideal for mid-range combats with single and double bullet burst mode
  • SLR (7.62 mm), DMR (Designated Marksman’s Rifle) which claims high rate fire
  • The flare gun is also being added, which can be used to call an aircraft on the battlefield and a crate drop as well as an armored UZ.

pubg pc lite weapon list

In addition, we will also see the 3X scope and 6X scope attachments. Zoom in, Zoom Out feature which allows you to adjust the scope of 6X or higher, is also being worked on. In addition, the company also prepares grip, duckbills and other weapons attachments.

Then, there is a bullet penetration system that will bring forth a more realistic gunplay and ballistic system appeal. In the real world, a bullet pierces obstacles and attacks the target. In order to provide a realistic gunplay experience/ PUBG PC Lite Best Guns, a new system will soon be included, which begins with the bullet’s weapons to be pierced, and later develops to include advanced bullet penetration for vehicles and water.

How to Kill Enemy Easily?

In PUBG Lite new Update they have updated the hit damage to a player in different areas. See the image below and hit the enemy on the high damage spots to kill him easily.

Player Hit Area Damage in PUBG Lite

Player Hit Area Damage in PUBG Lite

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