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PUBG Mobile Best Shotgun-  Which Shotgun is best in Battle Ground?

PUBG Mobile Battle is crucial sometimes because You do not find any better gun to fight with the enemy in the initial phase. But in this case, PUBG Mobile Best Shotgun can help you to fight with your enemy.

Sometimes if you have played the Arcade mode then you have seen the Shotgun is the only weapon allowed.

In both cases, you must know which Shotgun is best to use. There are three types of Shotgun in PUBG Mobile. Among them, two of them are very easy to find where one of them is rare to find. Let’s discuss more all shotguns in PUBG Mobile and which Shotgun is PUBG Mobile Best Shotgun.

List of Shotgun in PUBG Mobile:

  • S12K
  • S686
  • S1897

These three shotgun are available in PUBG Mobile, among them, S12k is rare to find and it’s dangerous on too. S12k is very useful if you use it in classic mode till the end then you can just fire 2 shots in close range and kill your enemy.

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S12K is so popular Semi-Automatic Shotgun (Shotgun AR); you might have used this many times. S12K uses 12 Gauge Ammo with 5 Bullets in one Reload. This is PUBG Mobile Best Shotgun that you can have shot continuously 5 shots to kill the enemy in close range. This Semi-Automatic Shotgun (Shotgun AR) Supports Scope Up to 6X. But cannot Damage the Enemy at long distance.

PUBG Mobile best Shotgun S12K

PUBG Mobile Best Shotgun S12K

If you use any shotgun the 12 Gauge Ammo get Spread-out and is used to hit Enemy a lot in close range. The damage is so big that the enemy gets to knock out in one shot. So when you fire in long very long-range the Fired bullets get spread-out. If you want to try to attach a 6X scope and fire in water for long-range and see what happens.

Attachments for S12K:

  1. Scope: Supports all Scope except 8X, but the recommended scope is Red Dot as it is very useful in close range only.
  2. Muzzle: You can use AR Flash Hider and Suppressor to S12K. But Suppressor is very good as it reduces the fire noise and Also reduces the Firing Spread.
  3. Mag: S12K supports AR Extended QuickDraw Mag which helps to reduce the Reload time and Extend Capacity up to 7 Bullets in one reload.

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S686 is a common double-barrel Shotgun, means this is a common shotgun that can fire 2 shot in one reload. This shotgun also uses 12 Gauge Ammo, and only useful for close range. As this shotgun does not support any Scope or Mag means you can’t scope and fire on the enemy.

PUBG Mobile Best Shotgun

PUBG Mobile Shotgun S686

If you want to reduce reload time, then you can use bullet loop and reduce firing spread use choke. You can call this is Second PUBG Mobile Best Shotgun, because of its firing damage to enemy; one headshot and enemy dead in close range.

Attachments for S686:

  1. Muzzle: Use choke which supports in reducing your Bullet Firing Spread and increase hitting accuracy.
  2. Stock: You can use the Bullet loop in Stock which helps in reducing the reloading time.

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S1897 is a classic Shotgun which fires 5 bullets in one reload and uses 12 Gauge ammo. This shotgun can fire and hit a lot of damage in short-range but the firing rate is not much fast. You need a manual to reload similar to S686 Shotgun and need to use Bullet Loop for Quick Reload.

PUBG Mobile Shotgun S1897

PUBG Mobile Shotgun S1897

Attachments for S1897:

  1. Muzzle: You can use Choke to reduce firing Spread-out which helps in hitting accuracy and kill your enemy.
  2. Stock: You can use Bullet Loop that will help you in reducing the reload time. This shotgun already takes time to reload as it has 5 bullets reload and you can reduce the time by using bullet loop.

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