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PUBG Mobile Coin Ultimate Pack Scam and Other UC Scam

What is PUBG Mobile Coin Ultimate Pack Scam?

PUBG Mobile Coin Ultimate Pack Scam is particularly a Phishing tool website that is generally used to steal the private information of PUBG users.  It has also been used to phish that same information from Apple users who have no connection at all to PUBG. Here’s what you need to know about it.

Websites, as shown in images below, are fake they are just designed for you to stay online there and input something and then hope for free UC in your PUBG Account.

Typical PUBG phishing attempts include creating a web page that purports to be able to generate in-game currency for free. In exchange, these sites ask for personal information from the user. That information can include credit card details, addresses and more.

But there is no technique/hack for PUBG UC Hack except Purchasing the UC from PUBG Game. But don’t worry what if I share with you some Money Hack tricks that could help you in earning some money that can help you in Purchasing the UC in PUBG Mobile or CP in COD Mobile.

Recently one incident appeared that iOS users got the following email on their phone about purchasing a PUBG Mobile Coin Ultimate Pack and one link is given that you can decline the transaction there.

PUBG Mobile Coin Ultimate Pack Scam Mail

PUBG Mobile Coin Ultimate Pack Scam Mail

But in actual that link is Phishy which will lead you to fill up a form with your personal data. Please note the domain name where you are redirected to before you input your information. This scam is really big and stealing information and selling it for a cost or maybe misused if you input your Credit Card details.

This incident is well explained by DTlab you can read it here.

As of now, PUBG Mobile might have more than 100 million Active Users. And just think “is there any possibility to hack UC by any website?”

I hope you are smart enough that you can get which website is real in PUBG Free UC Trick and Which website is just there on google to fool us.

I don’t say they are fooling you but you get emotional and get attracted to some websites like these who promise to give free UC hack and all.

PUBG Free UC Real or Fake

PUBG Free UC Real or Fake

Let’s have some look at how they work and why you should not trust these websites. Here is some best thing I will share with you. I will share some real tricks where you can earn some cash and use it to buy PUBG UC; indirectly it becomes PUBG Free UC trick.

How to Hack PUBG UC?

Saying the true fact about PUBG UC Hack then I would say it’s impossible to Hack PUBG UC. But there are some tricks by which you can earn the money in your Online wallet that can be used to purchase these PUBG UC and COD Mobile CP Money.

If you work a little hard then you not only PUBG Free UC can also buy a PUBG Mobile Royale Pass or COD Mobile Battle Pass for Free.

Get Unlimited PUBG Free UC

Get Unlimited PUBG Free UC

Some of those online money earning apps are mentioned in other articles in this blog as mentioned above. Please visit there and signup, I will also get some referral bonus by your sign up.

Follow some simple steps:

  • Visit our Articles like PUBG Mobile Money Hack or COD Mobile CP Hack
  • Check which application suits you and signup there.
  • Share that app with your friends and family and earn a referral bonus.
  • Then withdraw that money in your Paytm wallet.
  • Use this balance in purchasing PUBG UC or COD Mobile CP.
  • In this way, you get PUBG Free UC and COD Mobile Free CP.

I tried my best to aware you of some fake websites out there on Google, who promise to give you PUBG free UC. But the fake is always fake they will never give you a single PUBG Free UC or COD Mobile Free CP.

As hacking UC is not possible yet the better option is to hack the Money and buy PUBG UC or COD Mobile CP.

Feel Free to write us in the comment box or visit the contact us page, and let me know if you like this article or sorry for if I hurt anybody’s feelings.