OG WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version

Privacy Specialist Whatsapp Mod, Download the OG WhatsApp APK just like the GB WhatsApp and YO WhatsApp all are Moded Version of Official Whatsapp.

Well, it’s not legal to use the Moded version of WhatsApp but it’s not recommended too. Because using Mods for apps like WhatsApp is like giving your ATM and Pin, to someone you don’t know.

OG WhatsApp APK Download

OG WhatsApp APK

Latest Version APK

  • Version: 12.9.10
  • Updated: Nov 2020
  • Root: Not Required
  • Supported: Android/iOS
  • Downloads: ~56k
  • Size: 23 MB

If you want to try the GB Whatsapp -> GB WhatsApp APK Download Here. But Using Moded apps like this is somehow risky, and your original WhatsApp account may get banned.

How to Install OG Whatsapp APK:

If you are new to Android app installation from third Party Website then you might face some issues. Follow these steps to install the OG Whatsapp on Your Phone.

If You want to use your Regular Whatsapp Account in this OG WhatsApp Apk then make sure you backup your Chat. Go to Settings >> Chats >> Chat Backup.

Click on the Back up Button and Also give your valid email address where you backup will be stored for next time

Whatsapp Chat Backup option

Step 1: Download OG Whatsapp Apk from Link given above.

Step 2: Then Go to Settings >> Security >> Unknown Sources and turn on the Option.

Allow Unknown Source

Step 3: Now go to Download folder and open the Downloaded OG Whatsapp APK and install it.

Step 4: Allow some Permissions and all done you have successfully installed the OG Whatsapp on your Phone.

Step 5: Now enter Your Mobile Number and click on import data from Whatsapp

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ImageAPKDownload Link
OG WhatsApp APK

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OG WhatsApp APK

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OG WhatsApp APK

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OG WhatsApp APK

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OG WhatsApp APK

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OG WhatsApp APK

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How to Install the OG Whatsapp APK on PC?

There is one issue, This OG Whatsapp APK is not supported on PC, either you need to use any Android Emulator or Android OS. I will Suggest going for Andy Android Emulator.

Step 1: Download and Install the Andy Android Emulator.

Step 2: Then Open the Emulator and Download the OG Whatsapp APK in it.

Step 3: Then Just Like your Mobile Go to Settings >> Security >> Unknown Sources and turn on the Option.

Step 4: Now You can install the OG Whatsapp APK on your PC and enjoy by Logging in to it.

OG Whatsapp APK Features in Details:

The Reason why OG WhatsApp is popular among all is some features that make it stand ahead of WhatsApp, and other WhatsApp Mods only if you are a SPY and want Privacy in Chats and Calls.

You know WhatsApp is free to use but there are lots of restrictions that you can do on WhatsApp but if you love a fully customizable WhatsApp then you will like these Features.

1. App Customization Feature:

This feature allows you to change the Regular theme color of your WhatsApp from green to any other color. Like You can make your Whatsapp Pink or Red.

Along with this OG WhatsApp allow you to change the Themes by installing other themes from the library and also change the WhatsApp Home Icon to make it look cool.

2. Privacy and Personal Settings:

In this OG WhatsApp Feature, user can change some Privacy options like, Turn on and Off the Last scene, Single Tick, Double Tick, Blue Tick options.

Make Calls to Unknown Numbers using OG WhatsApp Apk without saving to contact. And Block perticular incoming Whatsapp Calls Feature.

You can also set up a Personal Private Lock Pattern to this Whatsapp so nobody can access your Whatsapp.

3. Chats and Groups Features:

The Chat feature allows you to send messages to any mobile number without saving their name in your Contact List.

Send 90 Images at once to anyone and you can also schedule the Chat message in your OG Whatsapp Apk.

You can also Pin any Chat up to 100 Chats in this OG WhatsApp apk. And to distinguish your groups you can set separate colors to each group header.

4. Additional Features:

You can send Messages to more than 300 people in a broadcast.

You can also send images and videos to more than 10 Groups or chats at the same time.

Your Text Status Characters Limit has been increased to 200+ Characters.

Pros and Cons of OG Whatsapp APK:


  • Easy Status Download
  • Private Calls and Chats
  • Send 90 Images at once
  • Schedule your Message like Reminder
  • Customize Text Fonts


  • Not Secure may Hack or Copy your Personal Info and Photos.

OG WhatsApp Apk Review

  • OG Whatsapp APK


OG Whatsapp is Good if you are ready to compromise Your Privacy and Security of Whatsapp over Good Looks, Extra Features, and Shiny Look.

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