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How to Know – Am I addicted to PUBG or other Games?

Gaming Addiction – Am I Addicted to PUBG?

Gaming Addiction is today’s most genuine and serious problem. Before this, the youth were addicted and attracted to drinking, smoking, and Drugs. Later then the Fashion and Relationship Trend came into action. And now the worst thing that we all are facing in our society Gaming Addiction. Is your child or neighborhoods are addicted to PUBG or its You? Then Ask this Am I addicted to PUBG or similar games.

Since the internet cost has been cheaper and slowly it’s being available to everybody. Many things from Mobile to online devices are connecting our lives. But we are getting away from our loved once and close friends. Playing online or Using the Mobile phone for Longtime makes our mind tired. But our body could not exercise.

In such a condition, fats increases, our heart starts becoming weak and weak. Our eye and mind stress leads to anger and not doing offline social activities makes us unhappy. These psychological things create toxins in our body that leads to severe diseases.

Addicted to PUBG - How to Find

How to find Addiction – Addicted to PUBG?

How to Find that Am I addicted to PUBG or Similar things?

Addiction is an addiction, whether it’s about anything. If you are doing anything that excites you and you are skipping your daily routine for that only work or object then it is an addiction.

Here we are going to discuss gaming addiction. I personally like PUBG Mobile and other games too, but this article is just for making people aware of their addiction and take care of themselves.

Ask a few questions to find out if you are addicted to PUBG?

  • Do PUBG stays on my mind for the whole day?
  • Do I talk about PUBG with my friends for the whole day?
  • Can I Sleep without playing a single game in a day?
  • I dream about PUBG while sleeping?
  • Missions in PUBG don’t let me sleep
  • What is More important PUBG or Sitting with Family? And what I do?
  • Do I get Angry on losing a single or Multiple Games?
  • Can I live a day without my Smartphone?
  • If I met someone having Higher Rank or points in PUBG then Do, I Feel Jealous?
  • Am I addicted to PUBG?

These are a few questions that can help you to know what is right and what you are doing. Be honest to yourself you do need to get approval from anyone. If you are willing to skip your addiction then let us know in the comment box.

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The best way to skip the addiction is to share it with your loved ones. Tell your parents they may get angry but they will definitely help you. Ask you’re a true friend to help you or you can ask me to help you.

How to Get out of this PUBG Addiction:

Addiction is natural and it’s like similar to any bad habit. Addiction needs another addiction to get out of the old one. If you try to get attracted to another addiction that you can leave it easily then it might help you to recover from the old addiction. You can also share this article with your friends who are addicted to PUBG.

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For example, Playing cricket or football on grounds is what you like then you can try to skip and reduce the time daily by skipping gameplay of PUBG, and Playing with your friends on Ground.

Is our child safe

Is our child safe

If you played 10 games of PUBG today then try to play 9 games tomorrow and invest your time to do other things or just stay away from your mobile. On the Next day try to manage in 8 games and play something else, or just go out for a walk with your family member or your pet.

On another next day try to play on less game and invest your time in reading comics, news, or just have ice cream. Go out with your friends and have to chat about how you are trying to leave your addiction.

On the next day do the same activity you like to do. But at some point, the time will come it will be hard to skip the PUBG or any other thing you are addicted to. Then just try to be with your family members ask for help and just try to forget and listen to music. and then ask yourself – Am I addicted to PUBG Now?

Is Banning PUBG a real Solution?

What is Government banned PUBG? our youth is too smart they can hack, or cheat or use another server to play this game. So to ban this game is not the only solution, we have to look into this and help them to recover from this addiction. Do really going to help those who are addicted to PUBG?

addected to pubg and banning is only solution?

banning is a solution really!

Playing for some time or one game per day is not a big issue but the person who cants sleep playing at least one game a day then its a big issue and he needs to ask himself that – Am I addicted to PUBG?

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Understand what is right for you and what is wrong and doing what is better for your future rather than getting instant happiness is what makes you a human being.

Do not run and ask for instant happiness. Instant happiness and the things which give you instant happiness are not going to stay with you for a long time.

Your long term goals and today’s Efforts will decide your future. If you are busy in just enjoyment and instant happiness for today then you will lose your tomorrow in dark.

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