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How to Live Stream on YouTube? PUBG and Similar Games

Now a day the Gaming world is evolving in India along with Western Countries and so the craze to do a live stream on Youtube. Earlier Gaming channels were only liked and shared in Western Countries.

Because of lifestyle change and technology made the Internet available at cheap rates. And during this period PUBG Mobile Launched. This game and its Live Stream on YouTube made people crazy.

Live Streaming on YouTube got changed from Fun to Profession now. Playing games like PUBG and Streaming it Live on Channels like YouTube and Facebook, Made many Gamers Popular and rich.

People watch the live stream, fund the player by some money donation. This donation system made many more people start Live stream on YouTube.

Live Streaming on YouTube:

But the problem is many of Online Gamers on YouTube Stream their Live Stream using High-End PC and software. But what if you have a mobile and you too want to stream Live then?

Then don’t worry I have a simple solution over it. Now you can Stream Live on YouTube just by using your Mobile Phone and Earn Money.

Live Stream Success Secret

The Very First goal of Much of YouTube Live Streamers is to Earn money by Playing Games online. But you must focus on your Gaming Performance and Entertaining nature of yours. People who love to watch the Stream are those who love to get entertain and some of them are to learn from your gameplay.

If you watch all popular YouTube Live Game Streamers, then there is one thing common in them. They focus on their Game Play, and never skip entertaining their Audience. Keeping in mind and putting your audience first will make you more popular and your Live Streaming.

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You can play PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, Free Fire, Clash of Clans, Clash of Royal, on Live Streaming. These all games mentioned above have Lots of Audiences. There are some new games like Battlefield V and Call of duty Mobile which can help you to attract a new audience and create a new Community.

How to Live Stream: Guide Step by Step

If you want to live stream on YouTube using your Mobile, then you can use the App called YouTube Gaming APK.

Warning: Before we start to keep in mind this app will show everything that comes to your Screen. So keep your Notifications off and Divert all Calls to another Mobile. This will keep your Personal life secure.

Live stream PUBG on Youtube

Live stream PUBG on Youtube

Steps by using YouTube Gaming Apk:

  • Download and Install YouTube Gaming APK. Click here to Download.
  • Signup on YouTube Gaming Apk. – Use the same Gmail Id which is linked to your YouTube acc and you want to stream on your YouTube.
  • Then you will see a button on top (Upper Arrow symbol button)
  • You can use that button to Stream and Upload videos on YouTube.
  • Make Sure you have enabled the Live Streaming Option on Your Channel. Because it is Necessary and by default, this option is turned off.
  • Once you Turn on This Live Streaming on YouTube option. You will have to wait for 1 day before you start Live Stream on YouTube.
  • Now Click On the Upper Arrow Button.
  • Then select a game that you want to Play and Stream.
  • Setup Title and Description of your YouTube Live Streaming.
  • Congrats Now you can do Live Stream on Youtube
YT Gaming Live Stream

YT Gaming Live Stream

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