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Fortnite Vs PUBG: Which one is better? | 5 Major Comparison

As of now, Every New Players is getting Attracted to PUBG first because of its Craze but some of the old players also recommend Fortnite to play. So this article is to compare in between Fortnite Vs PUBG lets see

If you’re in PC gaming, then it’s likely that you already know PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds), but there is another player in competition with this game and its Fortnite, or to be precise, Fortnite Battle Royale! PUBG has been developed by Bluehole and is based on the Unreal Engine 4 game engine, which Fortnite’s creator, the team behind Epic Games, also owns itself and uses to develop Fortnite.

Top 5 Facts: Fortnite Vs PUBG

It is no secret that there are more concurrent players than PUBG in Fortnite. PUBG’s Playerbase has already hit its All-Time Peak and has fewer players every day, while Fortnite is still getting more active players day by day.

This is probably due to the fact that Fortnite is new and the PUBG players are migrating to Fortnite as many popular streamers have already done. Another reason is that Fortnite has been available on PS4 and XBOX One for some time while PUBG is available only on consoles on XBOX.

In the following sections, we will go through various aspects, who share both of these games and see the similarities and differences. Before you actually enter the game area, start with the small island on which you spawn.

Which one is best Fortnite or PUBG?

Fortnite Vs PUBG – Game-play

Neither the game invented the Battle Royale formula, but the original Free-for-all gameplay is the same. In the most popular mode, players are dropped on an island with 99 other opponents. From there you gather weapons and other gear to fight until the last man (or woman) stands up.

Play zones (also known as the circle) grow smaller and smaller, force the remaining players close to each other. The area outside the Play zones faces constant damage, and it should be avoided at all costs. PUBG further limits the playing field with the red area, where bombs fall from the sky, which will kill any player immediately outside the cover.

Fortnite Vs PUBG – Cross-play

Players find it difficult to play games on a common platform. Therefore, fortnite has allowed crossplay, i.e., it is easy for a person playing Fortnight on mobile to play with a friend on the PC. Fortnite’s ability to do this is one of the main reasons for its popularity. On the other hand, PUBG does not support cross places on any of its platforms. At PUBG, players should be on the same platform to play with each other.

In short, there are many similarities and some differences in both Battle Royale games. However, no disagreement has succeeded in preventing the game’s success. Both Fortnite and PUBG love the gaming community and deserve praise from them.

Fortnite Vs PUBG – Maps:

There is currently a map in Fortnite, and Epic has not given any announcement or sign of any more to come. The size of the smallest 4×4 km map of PUBG is smaller than a quarter of the Baton Royale standards around a quarter.

It is mountainous and green for the most part, which is composed of areas designed for different styles of play, although a desert biome has made a good green color in the south-east quarter. Tilted towers is a couple of city blocks, in which there are tall buildings, and there are flat, open roads between them.

Welling Woods is a dense forest with a hedge labyrinth in its center. Pleasant Park is a suburban neighborhood that is the limit of a football field. With nearly 20 nominated places and dozens of small spaces between them, the Fortnight map is dense and always varies.

Fortnite Vs PUBG - Maps:

There are many different maps to play on PUBG. Dramatically different environments require different strategies, which help PUBG to feel stale. The most common map is Erangel, a Russian-inspired island of 8×8 kilometers, which has a diverse landscape of forests, cities, farms, and swamps.

Miramar is an 8×8 km stretch of the Mexican desert, from which there are innumerable areas of open city and Shantytown. Sanhok is the most recent map of PUBG, which is a very tight 4×4 km tropical jungle island.

Fortnite Vs PUBG – CONTROL

The control is that it is really clear which company has more experience in making mobile games. Tencent is the undisputed king of mobile games and is reflected in PUBG Mobile Hack.

Fortnite Vs PUBG - CONTROL

As far as the mobile shooters are in control, you have to work hard to find better systems than used in PUBG mobile. Apart from this, several control schemes have been created, which are the option of fully customizing them according to your choice.

Fortnite has no adaptation, and often the controls leave something to be desired. One part of this is due to the more complex nature of the game, the building, the establishment of the net, and so on, but due to some specific design decisions.

Fortnite Vs PUBG– Updates

With updated updates every two weeks with tweaks on new map updates, weapons, items (see Bush and Launchpad), skins and tow, FortNight has settled in a credible rhythm.

PUBG is constantly getting new updates, which add maps, guns and many necessary improvements. Although it is no longer on Steam Early Access, even then months are working. Developers have also shown the willingness to respond quickly to community feedback – especially about microtrans.

Fortnite Vs PUBG- Updates

Fortnite Vs PUBG– Review

When it comes to Fortnite versus PUBG, there are similarities that can not be ignored. Said that there are many differences between Fortnite and PUBG. Fortnite is a bright, accessible, and intensive map, while PUBG is gritty, complex, stressful, and boasts many maps.

So, finally, Fortnite versus PUBG: Which is better? Both attract a large number of players for good reason: they are excellent games. However, we would recommend Fortnight if you are more of a casual player, and not only because you can download it for free.

On the other hand, you should choose PUBG, if you have experienced an experienced shooter who is looking for a more serious experience.

Whatever the Battle Royale game you choose between Fortnite versus PUBG, we want you to get a famous Chicken Dinner, or Victory Royale as well. You should play a game that is friendly to your game genre.

  • If you like a casual game where you can make and break things, then you should go with the Fortnight of epic games.
  • If you prefer a more realistic game with more rounds, then you should play the Bluehole pub.

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