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Cyber Hunter Battle Royale – Introduction, Release Date and Game Play

Cyber Hunter Battle Royale:

The New Battle Royal Game has launched now. Named Cyber Hunter battle Royal is a chines battle royal game. Cyber Hunter was Released on 26th April 2019, and Developed by NetEase. This game is similar to PUBG Mobile and Fortnite. But you can only play this game on Mobile. The PC version is not available if you want to play then you have to Use Emulator.

You can visit the official website here or download the Game from Playstore.

Game Introduction:

The Cyber Hunter is an open world battle royal game featured with a unique combination of some Gaming Elements. The Gaming Elements include Survival, Shooting, and Exploring. It has stylish weapons, with Stylish Vehicles that can fly, and float. Players can climb to the vertical surface and then glide down from the height.

As this game includes Vertical patterns of Game Play, the Players can use the glider to fly and come down to the Surface. This game is quite similar to Fortnite where you can structure, call up Vehicle and even your Vehicle can break the Walls.

Summing up with the features then neglecting the style and Looks there is nothing creative that this Game includes. You will find major things that you already have been experienced in one the battle royal game that have been released before this game.

Cyber Hunter Weapons, Vehicles and Characters:

There are two Playing Heroes or Characters in this game. Stylish Vehicles bikes and Cars, and High Tech Stylish Assault Rifles, Snipers, and Shotguns.

Cyber Hunter Heroes

Cyber Hunter Heroes

The Cyber Hunter Heroes:

  • Cyber Hunter Hero (Max): He was once a forward-assault warrior who fought fiercely on the battlefield. Life hasn’t been too kind to him since he became a police officer. Accompanied by Harvey, the Sergeant of Newport Police Dept. Squad IV, Max gradually came out of the shadows.
  • Cyber Hunter Hero (Zero): Before meeting Natalie, she was known as Unit-01; she wasn’t known as Zero until meeting her. The ultra-titanium cyborg Unit-01 of “Project Ares”.
Cyber Hunter List of All Weapons

Cyber Hunter List of All Weapons

All Weapons Used:

  • Liberty Alpha (Assault Auto Rifle – Recommended for Beginners)
  • Drake Buster (Assault Auto Rifle)
  • Crusader (Assault Auto Rifle)
  • Tiburon (Semi-Auto Shotgun)
  • Nightingale (Healing Shotgun)
  • Vortex (ARC Shotgun)
  • Killer Whale (Killer Auto Shotgun)
  • Omega (Auto SMG)
  • Foxtrot (Auto SMG)
  • Soulsnatcher (Single Shot Sniper)
  • Empty Coffin (Semi-Auto Sniper)

The Cyber Hunter Game Play:

Cyber Hunter is the same battle royal game like PUBG Mobile and Fortnite. There is a total of 100 players in a plane. They Play and fight for survival, the one who remains, in the end, get rewarded with winner tag.

Cyber Hunter Royal Battle Gameplay

But this game is not totally similar to the other battle royal games. When you jump from the plane then you get a glider like the plane to land. Then you can search for Weapons and sometimes you can find a crate where you get near about everything you need in your bag.

The killing pattern is similar to other battle royal games, but here you can climb any vertical object like Pole, Wall, Building. And then you can kill the enemy.

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