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PUBG Mobile to BGMI Data Transfer Guide 2021

Battlegrounds Mobile India is finally launched in India, and You can now do the PUBG Mobile Account to BGMI Data Transfer till 31st December 2021.

The Last date to transfer your PUBG Mobile Account to Battlegrounds Mobile India is too much. But This Process hardly takes 10 Minutes.

Here I will share with you a detailed guide on BGMI Data Transfer from PUBG Mobile and your account will be shifted to PUBG Mobile India.

I am sharing this data because I have downloaded BGMI Test App

How to do PUBG Mobile to BGMI Data Transfer?

You will be asked to transfer your data the first time when you Log in to BGMI Game. You can skip that part and do it later till 31st December 2021.

Click on Yes to Proceed the BGMI Data Transfer

Follow these steps given below to Transfer your PUBG Mobile Account to Battlegrounds Mobile India Game.

Step 1: Install and open the BGMI and Log in with Facebook or Twitter. (Set any Nickname for the first time to access the game)

You can Find the Account Transfer Option in BGMI Settings

Step 2: Then Go to Settings >> Basic and find the Account Transfer option and click on it.

Read the Guide Carefully and Click Yes

Step 3: Then you will see one Warning read it and Click on Yes Button. If you transfer your Account to BGMI you cant play PUBG Mobile with the Same Account.

Step 4: Then a new window will get open and it will ask you to Log in with OLD Account to Transfer.

Log in with your Account and Give Permission to Transfer

After this, your game will Restart and ask you to Log in Again and after that BGMI game will collect all data, and your Account will get Transferred from PUBG Mobile to BGMI.

Can not Log in After BGMI Data Transfer!

Some of you may not face this issue, but I faced an error while logging in when I did PUBG Mobile to BGMI Data Transfer.

But then Found the following Solution. If you are facing the same issue just try the following solution.

  • Close all Recent apps and Go to Settings >> App >> Battlegrounds Mobile India.
  • Then Clear App Storage/Data.
  • Then Again open the BGMI game and it will take 600 MB More to Update again.
  • Now Log in again with your Account and you will see your PUBG Mobile Account is now transferred to BGMI Game.

What will you get After PUBG Mobile to BGMI DataTransfer?

Although the PUBG Mobile and BGMI are the same game there are some changes done in BGMI. Here are few things you will lose if you transfer your account from PUBG Mobile to BGMI.

  • If you are below 18 your gameplay will be for 3 hours a day
  • You will not be able to spend more than ₹7,000 in-game per day.
  • You need your Parents’ mobile number attached to your account for below 18 Players.
  • Your Royale Pass will get Transferred to BGMI as it is.
  • Your Synergy, Clans, and Popularity will get Reset.
  • The red color is no more in the Killing Effect.
  • Once you are transferred in BGMI no going back to PUBG Mobile with the same account.
  • UC Price is a little bit increased in BGMI than PUBG Mobile it’s ₹89 per 60UC Pack.
  • This Game is India Specific and you will see no LAG or Ping issue from now.

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    1. You will get your friends back because all re connected with Your Facebook Account. If you face any issue please connect again using your Nickname

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