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BGMI Ban Pan Rules – How not to get Banned in BGMI?

Along with the BGMI, Early Access Krafton released BGMI BAN Pan Rules and guidelines for all players.

Those who are using some tricks and trying to trick Krafton will face Ban period from 30 days to a Permanent ban.

If you want to keep your account safe and do not want to get banned then read the rules given below and keep your BGMI account Safe.

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How not to Get Banned in BGMI?

Krafton is not so harsh on regular players and ignores some mistakes if happened once in a while. But if you think you can trick them and you won’t get caught then you are wrong.

Read the following set of rules and remember you cant get caught if you are cheating in BGMI in the following ways. Detailed info can be found in the official press news.

Read the Penalty criteria given in the image below followed by the Ban period for the user.

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Gamers Responsibilities given above Explained in Detail below

I will try to explain each gamer’s responsibility given above one by one so that you can save your BGMI account from getting ban.

1. Do not Use Unauthorized Programs or Hardware Devices:

Using any kind of Software or Hardware (Hacking Scripts/Apps, Mouse/Keyboard with Mobile) that leads to unfair gameplay may lead your BGMI account for Permanent BAN. In severe cases, you may get caught under local judicial laws for promoting such activity.

2. Do not Modify the Game Client, Servers, or Game Data:

If you know game coding and can access the Game client or server packets, and try to change it and play the game; then this action may lead your BGMI Account for Permanent Ban. 

3. Do Not Exploit Vulnerabilities in the Game (Bugs and Glitches):

While playing the game you may face some glitches and take advantage to kill your enemy. Do not use take advantage of such glitches and spread among the community. Doing this will take down your earnings and Points and also may lead BGMI Account to Permanent Ban.3

4. Do Not Discriminate Against Others OR Inappropriate Language:

Discriminate against other players using offensive words in-game based on their race, gender, nationality, etc. may lead your BGMI Account for Permanent Ban.

Using Inappropriate Language while the gameplay may lead the player account to get ban for 30 days.

5. Do not Use Inappropriate Nicknames:

Also, using inappropriate Nicknames for Profile or Clan Name, that contain sexual words, copyright words, discriminating words, sensitive words can cause offense.

Then your account may get 90 Days Ban and the Name will be changed without your consent.

6. Do not Teamup or Kill your Team Mate:

Teaming up with other game players as some popular YouTubers do, is not allowed as it spoils the gameplay rules and environment. In this case, an intentional Team up may cause your BGMI Account to get a Permanent Ban.

The same goes with Team make Killing, if found that the player is intentionally and recurring killing their team Mate then your BGMI account may get a Permanent Ban.

7. Do not Stalk any Player:

Stalking anybody and spoiling the gameplay intentionally may lead to Permanent Account Ban.

8. Do not Trade or Sell BGMI Accounts:

Selling or Trading accounts for Goods/Money is not allowed, if caught will cause that account to get Permanent Ban.

There are a lot more other rules that you can read carefully on the Original Press news page and understand more.

I have played PUBG Mobile for a long time and those who play fair gameplay will never get any Ban.

6 thoughts on “BGMI Ban Pan Rules – How not to get Banned in BGMI?”

  1. In solo matching, I am facing hackers every game and I reported them. Still they are not getting banned… Where is ban pan security zone option in bgmi?

    1. If you think that hackers are not Banned, Please take a Screenshot of their ID and send it to BGMI official Contact form

  2. I have reported a hacker. He was flying the buggy and he had the no recoil auto aim and location hack. But thus far no response from the game ban pan.

  3. IN LAST MATCH HACKER IN MY TEAM HE WAS USING HACKS HIS Character id 51370384858 hack esp aimbot no recoil other

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