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[BGMI] Server Authentication Error Login Failed (issue Fixed)

Lots of BGMI Players are facing a Login Failed issue since 30 December 2021. The actual reason why you are getting this Server Authentication Error Login Failed message and how you can solve these let’s see in this article.

In July 2021 same issue occurred but that issue was easily solved by removing some cache and logging again.

But this time BGMI has released one notice on their official website and asking for some time to solve this error Login Failed.

I have tried two methods on two different mobile phones if you want to use them keep reading below.

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How to Fix BGMI Login Failed Error? [Android/Emulator]

The solution is very simple you just have to clear the game cache but if you follow the steps that I have shared below you will not Lose your BGMI Game Data and download the whole game again.

BGMI Server Error Login Failed Issue Solved

Method 1:

If you are at the Login Screen of the BGMI game you will see one option with Repair Button.

  • Click on the Repair button.
  • Then you will see one form you just need to select the Routine Repair option only.
  • Then Click on the OK Button and wait.
  • Now close all Recent Apps and Open BGMI Game and Login again.
How to Repair BGMI Game

Method 2:

If Method 1 does not work for you just go to Android Settings >> Apps.

  • Now in the Apps Settings select BGMI Game.
  • When you scroll down you see two options Clear Cache and Clear Storage.
  • You have to click on the Clear Cache option only.
  • Then Close all recent apps and Open BGMI Game.
  • Login to your BGMI Account and try to Play.

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How to Fix Server Authentication Error in BGMI Emulator?

Just like the Android Game BGMI, you can Fix this Server Error Login Failed issue in your BGMI Emulator by applying the same methods.

Method 1:

  • On Login Page of BGMI Click on the Repair Button
  • Then Select Regular Repair option and Click on OK Button.
  • Now Close the game and Open it again and Login again.

Method 2:

If the First method does not work for you and still faces the Server Error Login Failed Issue in BGMI Emulator just follow these steps.

  • Go to the Settings in Emulator and go to Apps Settings.
  • Now Select BGMI Game in the App Settings.
  • You will See Clear Cache option click on it.
  • Now close the Settings and other Apps in Emulator.
  • Now Open BGMI and Login again and start Playing.

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