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PUBG Lite Hack BC 2022 – PUBG Mobile Lite BC Generator Tool

There are multiple ways to get PUBG Mobile Lite Free BC coins. These BC coins are the same currency as PUBG Mobile UC.

If you find any PUBG Lite Hack BC Generator tool online do not trust them, because nobody can hack or generate free BC/UC for you.

The in-Game currency for PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite are highly secured and the only way to get them is to purchase it or Win as a prize.

What is PUBG Lite Hack BC Generator?

Some websites add a Spinning wheel and rename it with BC and other gaming stuff. When you see such a wheel you enter your name and ID and then spin the wheel.

But there is no such BC generator they are fake the only purpose is to show you ads and earn money.

PUBG Mobile Lite Free BC Generator Fake Tool
Fake Spin Wheel for BC Generator

Ways to Get Free PUBG Lite Hack BC:

There are some legit ways to get Free PUBG Lite Hack BC but you have to put some effort into this.

  1. Participate in Giveaways
  2. Play Esports and Win PUBG Lite BC Prizes
  3. Earn Cash with Online Apps and Purchase BC

I already shared some awesome tips to earn Free PUBG Mobile UC and the same thing will apply here.

Participate in Giveaways:

YouTube Gamers and Bloggers often arrange Free Giveaways where they ask you to perform some tasks and in return, you can get Free BC Coins in PUBG Mobile Lite.

You can increase your chances by following some YouTube channels that share Online Cash earning Tips and Giveaway Cash bonuses. And using that cash you can buy the PUBG Mobile Lite BC Coin bundle.

Play Esports in PUBG Mobile Lite:

Other than the official Battle Royale Esports you can join some Local Esports leagues in PUBG Mobile Lite and win the Prize for each achievement.

Some Esports give your Money prize for Per kill, and Ranking this is a really good trick to earn bulk cash amount or PUBG Lite Hack BC coins as Prize.

Get PUBG Mobile Free BC

Refer Apps and Earn Real Money:

Here are some best Refer and Earn Apps List one Refer can give you a ₹2000 cash bonus on each referral.

Now just imagine what if you find some great refer and earn apps and share them with your friends and family to collect some cash to buy the PUBG Lite Hack BC coins from the store.

Also, Do not buy the BC from the in-Game store, visit Midasbuy and check for new offers and then buy the right package for you.

Note: Just because you are getting an unbelievable discount do not purchase any UC/BC from an untrusted source.

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