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PUBG Mobile KR Download Latest [APK+OBB]

If PUBG Mobile is not working then PUBG Mobile KR Download Karo on your Mobile phone and Play both the KR and Global versions on one device.

PUBG Mobile KR Update 1.2 is Here, Now you can enjoy the Erangel – Runic Power Mode & Metro Royale – Season 2 by updating your Game.

If you are an Emulator Player then you can download the PUBG Mobile KR version using the Gameloop Emulator and Play it on PC.

By downloading This PUBG Mobile KR Download Latest you can get:

  • Amazing Outfits Free
  • Helmet Skin Free
  • Guns Skin Free
  • Vehicles Skin Free
  • Less Lag
  • No Bugs

BAD News: PUBG Mobile KR will not Work outside Korea and Japan from April 2021

The PUBG Mobile KR Version is quite simple to download, but if you are not from the Korea or Japan Region then you need to follow some different steps and copy the download folder in your File manager.

PUBG KR Version 1.2
PUBG Mobile KR Download

PUBG Mobile KR Download 1.2

[APK+OBB] V1.2

  • Download: PUBG Mobile KR
  • Update Version: 1.2
  • Creator:- PUBG Corp
  • Size:- 1.4GB
  • Support :- Android/ iOS
  • Price:- Free
  • Type: XAPk
  • Date: 12 Jan 2021

What’s New in the PUBG Mobile KR v1.2 Update?

1. Erangel – Runic Power Mode
Three types of runes, including Wind/Flame/Artic
Attack and defense skills according to the rune abilities can be used in combat
2. Metro Royale – Season 2
A new system ‘Metro Royale: Honor’ is introduced
Metro royale solo mode is added
3. New AR weapon FAMAS
A new AR weapon with 25 shots of 5.56mm bullet is added
Best AR weapon in a close-range battle with fast continuous firing
Only found on LIVIK Map in Classic Mode

Play PUBG Mobile KR on PC

Now You Can Play PUBG Mobile KR or any PUBG Mobile Version on PC using Emulators or Android OS. The Gameplay will be Smooth and Lag-Free to Enjoy Click on the Button

How to Download PUBG Mobile KR VersionAPK+OBB?

You are just a few steps away from the PUBG mobile KR version download with the OBB file, Let’s do it!!

  • Download PUBG Mobile KR Version – Download
  • This will be an XAPK file that you download around 1.5 GB
  • Extract the Xapk file and then install the Game File
  • Now copy the OBB files in the destination folder
  • Enjoy the game (Do not login with the account from PUBG Mobile Global Version)

These are short steps now let’s get in deep with each step and understand how you can Download this PUBG Mobile KR Game and Enjoy it on your device.

Step 1: Download the Xapk File

Download the PUBG Mobile KR Version with the latest update from the APK Pure Website. This is because Google Playstore will not allow you to download the KR Version outside Korea and Japan.

PUBG Mobile KR version at apkpure

The download file will be in the XAPK extension – To know the basic difference between APK and XAPK you can go here

Simple Definition: XAPK is similar to APK but the Google Play store uses APK version and downloads the OBB files in the Background while APKpure uses XAPK and downloads the full package of APK+OBB. i.e. XAPK= APK+OBB.

Step 2: Unzip the Xapk File

 You can download this XAPK file on PC and rename its extension with ZIP then extract the folders in it. Then copy these Game files and APK on your Mobile phone. (or you can use the Unzip app to unzip these files.)

Then you need to install the Apk game (Allow unknown source if you are installing any game from another website)

Allow Unknown Source

Step 3: Install The Game and Copy OBB Folder

Once you Install the game do not open it just clear the background apps and go to file manager and copy the remaining files in this location – Android/OBB/com.pubg.krmobile. If you see the OBB folder then it’s ok or just create one folder with OBB and com.pubg.krmobile in that folder.

Final Step: Now you can open your game and Please do not log in with the PUBG Mobile Global Account. Use another new account or play as a guest.

How to install the PUBG Mobile KR version on Emulator?

To install the PUBG Mobile KR version on Emulator you will need to use the process of how to copy PUBG Mobile from Phone to PCby this you can download PUBG Mobile on EMulator too.

copy pubg mobile from phone to pc

Follow the steps to download the Gameloop Emulator here – And Play PUBG Mobile on PC

For any help, you can use our contact us form and let us know if you face any problem.