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FAU-G Review and Game Release Time

Finally, the wait is over, and I got the Download notification of the FAU-G game on 26th Jan 2021 at 12 PM.

The Game size is around 460MB and I was expecting a decent game with graphics and gameplay. To know what I felt about this game continue reading this article it won’t take more than 5 minutes.

FAU-G Review and Release Time:

The Game was planned to release on Indian Republic Day on 26th Jan 2021, and I saw one notification to download as I had pre-registered for this game.

I was not so shocked/surprise because the trailer did not excite me that much, (well, well! I am a big fan of the Indian Army) so please don’t let this topic to another direction.

So, as per the hype created by this game, the company failed to prove itself, and the game is literally bad means after playing this I thought I have a better choice The Free Fire.

FAU-G Game Home Screen

Now you might have got an idea that how is this FAU-G Game, I would not recommend You Waste your 500MB Data on this Game NO!!!

FAUG Download

About FAU-G

  • Developer: nCore Games
  • Made in: India
  • Current Version: 1.0.0
  • Type: Story Mode
  • Size: 460 MB
  • Downloads: 1M+

I found one most liked review on the FAU-G Google Play Store comment box, here the company assures to improve this game. I like the way the company is open to accept all reviews.

User Review and Feedback on FAU-G

Good and Bad in FAU-G:

The game is not that bad, but there are some expectation levels and this game is not fulfilling it. Lets see whats good and bad in FAU-G game.

Good Things in FAU-G

  • The Game is Made in India and good to try to keep the story in this firest Update.
  • The graphics are not that bad, as it is a new game lots of improvements can be done.
  • The company will donate some Profit Amounts to the Indian Army is a good thing.
  • Two More Modes are expected to coming soon. Team Death Match and Free For All.
  • This game is using Hindi Language and is a nice thing I liked it.
FAU-G Game Modes

BAD Things in FAU-G

  • Nobody would have played this game if the game did not include The Indian Army Feel.
  • As per the competition Game Graphics expected to be more precise.
  • After Playing PUBG and similar Games, expectations from games increased, and in today’s date games like FAU-G cant stand.
  • The Game Start with a nice Storyline but then you end up playing a very easy game.
  • Rather than taking sympathy based on people’s emotions, I think the work is not that much impressive.

FAUG Trailer:

If you forgotten the trailer released by nCore games, watch it here and imagine how the game is going to be.

I would say!!: If you can’t be the First or the Best!! Try to be different from the rest but don’t forget the Good.

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