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PUBG Mobile Best DMRs Guide – Which one is better to use

Another Weapon category in PUBG Mobile. As we discussed the Best AR combination and SMG too, how can we forget the PUBG Mobile Best DMRs? DMRs Stands for “Designed Marksman Rifles”

These Rifles are not Fully AR, not Fully Snipers. But You can use them as a sniper if you don’t find any sniper in the game, or if you are not a perfect sniper.

I usually prefer a DMRs ‘Mini 14’ over Kar98 as I can Kill the enemy easily by DMRs than a Sniper. There is a total of 6 Types of DMRs in PUBG Mobile some of them are really good and some are just less impressive.

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List of DMRs in PUBG Mobile:

  1. Mini 14
  2. MK14
  3. QBU
  4. SLR
  5. SKS
  6. VSS

Mini 14: PUBG Mobile Best DMRs:

Mini 14 supports all scopes and fires 5.56 Ammo. The minimum Bullet storage is 20 but you can use Extended Mag to extend the Limit to 30 Bullets. This DMRs benefit is you can use Sniper as well as AR Attachments like Scope up to 8X and supports Extended Mag of Sniper and AR too. If your aim is near to perfect, then you can kill an enemy in 4 bullets.

mini 14 Best Sniper

mini 14 Best Sniper

“Best DMRs But you can get easily get spotted by the sound of firing. So fire to kill”

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Attachments Supported by Mini 14:

  1. Scope: Supports all type of scopes, but good to use Red Dot, 4X, 6X. If you can find 8X then it’s really good for This gun.
  2. Mag: Mini 14 Supports Assault Rifle and Snipers Extended and Quick Draw Extended Mags.
  3. Muzzle: Also Supports Sniper Muzzle and AR Muzzle like Compensator and Suppresser. This Gun does not have any ForGrip Attachments.

MK14: Epic DMRs Found in AirDrop

MK14 is and Epic DMRs you can collect this Gun only from Air Supply Drops. This gun uses 7.62 Bullet Ammo and can fire 10 bullets in one Reload. You can extend the Limit by Using Extended Mag. There are two operating modes for these DMRs, either use on Single fire or Burst fire mode. The Only Disadvantage for this DMRs has heavy Recoil.

MK14 Epic DMRs found in AirDrops

MK14 Epic DMRs found in Air Drops

Attachments Supported by MK 14:

  1. Scope: Supports All Scope but easy to operate on Red Dot, 4X Scope. Because of Heavy Recoil, I will suggest not to use on 8X Scope you will lose your Aim for the next Fire.
  2. Mag: MK 14 Supports All Mags similar to Mini 14, Sniper as well as AR Extended and Quick Draw Mag.
  3. Muzzle: Also Supports Sniper Muzzle and AR Muzzle like Compensator and Suppresser. No More Foregrip Attachments to reduce Recoil.

QBU: Dual Mode Sniper:

QBU is limited for Sanhok Map, This DMRs uses 5.56 Ammo. You can use either in single or in burst mode and have up to 20 bullets at one reload and can be extended up to 30 bullets. Deal heavy damage to the enemy but a similar problem like MK 14 has Heavy Recoil.

QBU DMRs found in Sanhok Only

QBU DMRs found in Sanhok Only

Attachments Supported by QBU:

  1. Scope: Supports All Scope but as the Recoil is high just try to avoid 8X Scope.
  2. Mag: You can use dual Mag like it supports Sniper as well as Assault Rifles Extended and Extended QuickDraw Mag.
  3. Muzzle: Also Supports Sniper Muzzle and AR Muzzle like Compensator and Suppresser. No More Foregrip Attachments to reduce Recoil.

SKS and SLR: Normal DMRs with High Damage

SKS and SLR are near about similar DMRs. Both support All Scopes and Uses 7.62 Ammo. As like other DMRs, these two also supports all attachments by Sniper and AR. Just SKS have Extra Foregrip Attachments that no other DMRs supports.

As the SKS and SLR use, 7.62 Ammo can deal heavy damage but are not useful for continuous firing because of heavy recoil. I usually avoid using these two DMRs.



VSS: Ultimate DMRs with inbuilt Scope:

I don’t feel any difference in between VSS and SMG, because the firing range is not too long, Firing Delay and also uses 9mm Ammo. Use these DMRs only when you have no option because you will get very slow reload and only 10 bullets in one reload. Many times I got killed by the enemy just because of the reload delay.

Before you judge any SMG by this Article you just check out the Technical details from Image Given Below and Decide which SMG you should Prefer to fight.

PUBG Mobile Best DMRs guide

PUBG Mobile Best DMRs guide

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