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Download BGMI Tap Tap – PUBG Mobile India Apk Download TAP TAP

Sometimes you won’t get the Install option on BGMI on Google Play Store. But, Don’t worry you can retry or Download the BGMI Tap Tap by the process given here.

Tap Tap is also an App store that provides you all Android Applications and Games without any restriction.

You just have to download the Tap Tap App store on your mobile and then Download the BGMI from Tap Tap.

Note: Before you install the BGMI game from anywhere please make sure you have to Pre-Register with your Gmail ID first and then proceed.

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BGMI Tap Tap Download Link – The PUBG Mobile India APk:

Follow the easy steps to download BGMI from the TAP TAP App store for free and Start playing BGMI on your Phone.

Note: Sometimes you might face phrasing package issues, then you have to download the game again and install it. The better way is to try with Google Play Store.

Step 1: Visit the TAP TAP app store and download the app.

Step 2: Then Search BGMI in the TAP TAP app store or Click Here and Open the link with Tap Tap App.

Step 3: You will see a one Install button on the screen just click on it to download the game.

Step 4: Wait till the game is installed, once the BGMI is download and install on your Phone.

Step 5: Now you will see that the Install button is now changed to Play Button click on it to Open the Game and let it Update more than 600MB.

Step 6: Now you can Sign in with any temporary account and then Transfer your PUBG Mobile Account to BGMI later.

If you Face Phrasing Package Issue do this:

After downloading the Game from the Tap Tap app store if you face any issues while installing the Game please Try again to download this game from another App Store.

If you are not able to Download BGMI from anywhere, Use this Download Link [71 MB] and Enjoy.

If you download BGMI from the Above link and Install it then it will take time to load as it needs to download 500MB of Resources Data in the background.

Then Allow the game to access your storage and it will download 600MB Update more.

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