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Is BGMI Going to be Banned again in India in 2021?

Quite Interesting and horryfing topic right! Is BGMI Going to be Banned again? who knows?

Let’s discuss some facts and rumors and decide what actually BGMI is and can BGMI get banned again in India in 2021?

What is BGMI?

BGMI is Battlegrounds Mobile India Game is redesigned version of PUBG Mobile according to the rules set by the Indian Government and for Indian Gamers.

Krafton is the developer and publisher this time and there are lots of changes done in BGMI than PUBG Mobile.

Is BGMI Going to be Banned in India again?

Well, I dont think so. Rather Krafton has done all possible things to not to get banned in India again.

The Main Reason why PUBG Mobile Banned was:- I think, the main reason to ban PUBG Mobile was India vs China conflict at that time and the death cases arose after getting addicted to PBUG Mobile.

  • BGMI is no more connection with China.
  • BGMI removed RED Color effect on Bullet hit and Kill in Game.
  • BGMI Ban Pan rules are more strict – Read Here.
  • BGMI restricted below 18 Players to play 3hrs a day.
  • And Indian Parents can control their child Game as their gurdian.
PUBG Mobile VS BGMI Changes done

With all changes BGMI is now available in India in 2021 after a long 9 months waiting time.

And still, anybody is thinking BGMI is creating violence then there are lots of games that are violent in nature and you know their names.

Positive Signs about BGMI will not get Banned:

Keeping aside the sentimental fact about Should BGMI get banned in India or not, let’s discuss some positive signs about BGMI will not get banned in India again.

  1. BGMI has created the Head office for India in Delhi.
  2. Gamers Account data will be stored in the server situated in Singapore.
  3. Jobs are available at Linkedin and Indian workers are hired.
  4. All mandatory charges are done in BGMI as Government said.
  5. KRAFTON is a big company and India is the largest market for them, so they will try whatever it takes to be in India.
  6. If the majority of the population is with BGMI then Government can not take the risk to go against people’s demand.

Disclaimer: All information shared above is my personal opinion and not everyone will agree with this. If you want to share your opinion please comment below.

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