Happy Halloween from PUBG Mobile, we are celebrating the brand new PUBG Mobile Pumpkin Match 3 Event. Here you can earn exciting Rewards like Gun Skins, Backpack Skin, Parachute Skin, Costume for free.

The Pumpkin Match 3 Event will Start on 31st Oct 2019 and end on 9th Nov 2019. During this event, you have to Play PUBG Mobile Game and Complete the Daily Missions given in this event. Then you will get some candy which you can then use to Play in this PUBG Mobile Pumpkin Match 3 Event.

Let’s see how you can Participate and win those Exciting Gifts in PUBG Mobile.

How to Play Pumpkin Match 3 Event?

To Participate in this Event, you need to go step by step so don’t miss any step read it all and then follow on your device.

Trick or Chicken Time Limited Events
Trick or Chicken Time-Limited Events
  • Open PUBG Mobile Game and Login
  • Now go to Event Section
  • Then go to Time-Limited Section and you will see Trick or Chicken option there.
  • Within that Trick or Chicken, you will see some Events which are upcoming and 2 of them already started. The started events are as follows:
  • Now collect the Login Daily Candy and then move towards the next mission.
  • You will get 3 Missions per day and 3 Candy for each mission.
  • Mission will Reset on 00:00 UTC.
  • Now Use each candy to Move the Apple, Pumpkin, or Supply Drop.
  • You need to Play this like Candy Crush game. That is moving any item and match them in a row or column of 3.
  • Then the Item like Apple, Pumpkin or Supply Drop will get vanish from the List.
  • Each Vanish will give you 10 points and then you will unlock the Rewards one by one.

This event will let you earn some Candies along with this you will also unlock points for Tactical Drill Event too. So from Diwali to Halloween the more you will play the more you will get the chance to unlock special rewards without spending any UC.


Although this event is simple like other PUBG Mobile Event this Pumpkin Match 3 Event also has some Game Rules that you need to follow and you can manually check these rules by clicking the question mark sign in the game.

PUBG Mobile Pumpkin Match 3 Event Rules
PUBG Mobile Pumpkin Match 3 Event Rules

Let’s see what are those rules you need to check while playing in this event.

Rules for PUBG Mobile Pumpkin Match 3 Event:

  • This is time-limited Event and Will End on 9th Nov 2019
  • Missions are the daily missions you need to complete and collect each candy before 00:00 UTC.
  • Line up 3 boxes in a row or column to remove them.
  • Each Mission will give you 2 Candy.
  • Each Move will cost you 1 Candy.
  • You can earn daily 210 Points Maxx.
  • Reach certain points to unlock those Rewards.
  • Blocks, Candy, and Missions reset daily at 00:00 UTC.