Project IGI Game Introduction:

I’m Going In was released in North America. Project IGI is a tactical shooter first-person video game released on December 15, 2000, by Eidos Interactive and developed by Innerloop Studios. On the release of Project IGI, the game got mixed reviews due to many shortcomings, including poorly programmed AI.

A lack of multiplayer features and lack of a mid-game savings option. However, it was praised for its awesome graphics and sound design, thanks to the use of its proprietary game engine which was previously used in the Joint Strike Fighter of Innerloop.

In the beginning, you will see a tutorial and make a few simple missions to be more intuitive with the keyboard and mouse. Action is in a military area and you have to use different strategies to accomplish the goal. There is an assignment at each level and they are increasing in difficulty.

The game is not boring at all and you have the patience to succeed in every mission. It is not enough to use the device well. It is part of the action category and has been licensed as Shareware for the Windows 32-bit and 64-bit platforms, and it can be used as a free trial until the trial period expires. Project IGI is available for all software users as a free download with potential restrictions with I’m Going In Demo Full Version.

Project IGI Game Cheats, Mods, and Hacks:

Share IGI Cheat Code Before I will share some basic information about it Because many beginners do not know what it is and ask questions in many forms. What is the cheat code ?, How to use cheat codes? Etc. This is a method by which we can customize the game through some special codes.

It is easy for children to use. Basically, this is for those who learn to play games. Due to its usage, the game can be made very easy and can be played with custom. I am sharing some Project IGI Cheat codes with you here, you can use it easily and also, I am writing about the response coming from using this code.

Project IGI Cheats
Project IGI Cheats

These are codes for all IGI 1 games. Before using it, it should check your game version. Because this code is not working in Project IGI other versions.

  • Needbakup – 2 men’s backup comes for help
  • Diehard – enemy dies
  • Imdone – skip mission
  • Stormy day – storm comes
  • Bigbang – tanks destroy
  • all gun – unlimited guns
  • Asperine – unlimited health
  • Superman -you can fly
  • Damn – you suicide

All of these codes work on Konvar Strike 1st Edition. To stop the game and use them to write the following.

Project IGI (I’m Going In) Missions:

This game is the most popular shooting first-person game and the reason is its mission. Project IGI 1 has provided 14 different missions in which you have to play according to military instructions. Each mission was designed in a unique and very difficult manner, in which you have to do this work in a different way, it is very interesting. Here I am sharing his 14 mission names with you.

ConverStrike IGI 1 Missions:

  1. Trainyard – Small coastline trainyard.
  2. Sam Base – Small missile defense base.
  3. Military Airbase – Rescue Josef from the airbase.
  4. GOD – Defend the friendly troops.
  5. Radar base – Disrupt Jach’s communication network.
  6. Get Priboi – Kidnap Jach from his base.
  7. Border Crossing – Get Jones across the border.
  8. Resupply – Get jones equipment back.
  9. Missile Trainyard – Get on the train.
  10. Defend Priboi – Take Jach to the FRV.
  11. Eagle nest 1 – The approach to EKK’s fortress.
  12. Eagle nest 2 – The Ekk’s hilltop Fortress.
  13. Nuclear infiltration – Infiltrate the nuclear base.
  14. Finding the bomb – Kill Ekk and find the bomb.

Project IGI Gameplay:

Meanwhile, in the US, Senator Pat Lenehan (R – unrevealed) created the Institute of Geotechnical Intelligence. A Vietnam war veteran, Lenin faced the danger imposed by foreign organizations and individuals, who had benefited from the Cold War and stood for profit from terrorism and conflict.

After comprehensive contacts between the government of the US, military and the intelligence community, Lehan changed his Project IGI initiative to a military conductor and semi-private intelligence agency. Although, despite being very benefited from governmental luragasy and infrastructure, IGI has primarily appointed merchants.

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Project IGI Cheats 2
Project IGI Cheats 2

Thus the profile of David Jones was of particular interest to them, and they quickly caught him. Jones was contracted to operate in Eastern Europe from Baltic to Russia.

His general affairs officer Maj Rebecca Ananya was a major Pentagon expert in satellite surveillance and Battlefield Digital Intelligence. Other gradually shifted from the US Nuclear Control Department to becoming an IGI employee (and possibly a USAF officer during his early career).

In 2000, an American nuclear bomb was stolen in Germany, in which six marines were killed and there were highly worried public opinion. One person was in contact with the Atomic Control Department, with very accurate information about the theft, obviously interested in the big reward for the information. Major Anya was his handler.

The informer soon became silent. However, Major Anya tracked his cell phone and identified him as Joseph Prebie, who was possibly attached to the fearful Priboi crowd. It seems that Joseph had tried to deceive his uncle Jock, a former Eastern Block military intelligence person changed the owner of the crime and the weapon trader. It also seemed trustworthy that the people of Jock Prebio could steal.

Major Anya adopted a two-way approach. A US military team will be deployed in Estonia, but a quick intervention was required to grab the arrested informant – and he used a Project IGI property. Within hours, while staying in radio contact with David Jones and his gear Anisa, Joseph was in a helicopter in Estonia to take out Prebi.

Project IGI Game Special Features

Here we try to share some of the key features of the project IGI I’m Going game. I hope you will get experience even after installing it on your PC. I share my own experience with this.

  • One of the best 1 person games on the internet.
  • You can easily control this game without any game joystick.
  • In the game, you need to complete the military operations you assigned.
  • You can play IGI games in 3 different modes, such as easy, medium and tough.
  • The first version can play in a lower configuration PC.
  • The second version is available in very dark graphics.

PC Requirements, Project IGI for IOS and Android

If you want to install Project IGI 1, do not worry about system configuration due to Project I.G.I 1 – high graphics card or other computer equipment is not required. You can run this game on its minimum system requirements.

  • RAM: 128MB RAM
  • CPU: Pentium III or Athlon 700 MHz Processor
  • DX: DirectX 8.1
  • GPU: 32MB 3D Accelerated Video Card
  • Network: 56Kbps Modem (Modem play)
  • Store: 1.9GB Hard Disk Space
  • Sound: DirectX-compatible Sound Card
  • ODD: 8X CD-ROM Drive
  • OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP

This game is not made for Android and iOS users by the developers. So, sorry you can’t enjoy this game on your smartphones. Except for this game, you can download any another action shooting game and enjoy yourself.

Project IGI (I’m Going In) – Game review:

Developer: Innerloop Studios

Project IGI-1 (I’m Going In) is one of the most popular action shooting first person game in the world. Almost everyone likes playing this game. Mystery in this game keeps the player alert during game play and forgets everything else except focusing on the goal. The character of this game resembles the actual due to the fantastic graphics. Once you start playing this game, you will actually be addicted to it and then you will spend all your time playing it until the game ends.

Project IGI Review
Project IGI Review

Because this game is really hard to play, so there are many tips tricks and cheats to play this game in easy mode. The center around the protagonist of Project IGI, Jones, who searches for Priboi on the basis of the enemy, with the help of his partner, to extract information from him about the specially stolen warhead. There were 14 missions in Project IGI.