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Being an independent game of India Krafton organized the Freedom Face Off BGMI Challenge for Indian teams on 15th August 2021.

This Challenge was organized on behalf of 75th Independence Day and Successful 1st Year of BGMI in India. A total of 16 Teams were played in 4 Matches.

The Freedom Face-Off BGMI was a one-day Challenge and winners were announced the same day evening.

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Freedom Face Off BGMI Legue:

  • Organizer: Krafton, Trinity Gaming
  • Date: 15th August 2021
  • Type: Online
  • Location: India
  • Teams: 16
  • Game Mode: Squad TPP and FPP
  • Prize Pool: ₹210,000 INR
  • Winner: Team Encore
  • Watch it: On YouTube

Freedom Face Off BGMI Winners:

The Freedom Face-Off Event BGMI is recorded on YouTube, If you missed the live telecast just go and watch it.

Here I will announce all winners for 4 matches with the Prize Pool they have won check the table below.

The first 2 matches of a total of 4 matches were played normally and 3 Winners were announced.

1st₹85,00037 Team Encore
2nd₹40,00034 Team Sc0ut
3rd₹25,00028 Team Jonathan
Classic Match Mode Winners

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Then two separate matches were played the 3rd match Pan Fight Only and 4th match Fist Fight Only and here are the winners from both matches.

MatchPrize Team
Pan Fight Winner₹30,000 Team Encore
Fist Fight Winner₹30,000Team Shreeman Legend

League Format:

  • Total 16 Teams
  • Maps: TPP Erangel and FPP Sanhok
  • 4 Matches to be played back to back (Including One Pan Fight and One Fist Fight).

16 Teams that Participated in this League:

Here are those 16 teams who participated in the Freedom Face-Off League 2021 and Played 4 matches to win the Prize.

SRTeam Total Match 1 Match 2
1. Team Encore3713 24
2. Team Sc0ut3430 04
3. Team Jonathan2805 23
4. Team GodNixon2312 11
5. Team Hastar2003 17
6. Team Kanika1917 02
7. Team Snax1502 13
8. Team Kronten1509 06
9. Team GHATAK1402 12
10. Team Dynamo1412 02
11. Team Nova703 04
12. Team Vaadhi404 00
13. Team Payal404 00
14. Team Mamba303 00
15. Team Kaztro301 02
16. Team Shreeman Legend101 00
All 16 Teams with Their Standings

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