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COD Mobile Best Settings – Best Sensitivity Settings for Good Game

The COD Mobile is Popular for its Awesome Graphics and Smooth Gameplay. And to play the Game in High Graphics with Less Loading you need COD Mobile Best Settings Guide. That’s why you are here Right!!

If you have downloaded the COD Mobile already then you might have to experience the Difference between Graphics in PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile.

Let’s don’t compare COD Mobile with PUBG Mobile because both games are best at their own points, PUBG Mobile is a Different Game and COD Mobile is Different.

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COD Mobile Best Settings – Step by Step:

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Setup COD Mobile Control Modes

When you go to settings then you will see the very first option that is Control Settings. Unlike PUBG Mobile you will see Two Different Control Settings in COD Mobile.

The first one is Auto/Simple mode and the other one is Custom/Advance Mode.

COD Mobile Best Control Setting

In Simple Mode, your Gun will start firing automatically as you point it towards the enemy. And in the Advance mode, you need to play it yourself.

I will suggest you to keep it on Advance Mode in BR or Battle Royale Mode while you can use Simple Mode in MP that is Multiplayer Mode.

The Reason is if you point your aim towards the enemy in BR Mode then the Simple Mode will auto-fire and it will reveal your Position to the enemy.

Setup COD Mobile Basic Settings

Here in basic settings, you will find setting options like given below make it as shown in the image below and enjoy the seamless gameplay.

COD Mobile Best Basic Settings 4
COD Mobile Best Basic Settings 2
COD Mobile Best Basic Settings 3

The following settings are the same for MP and BR Mode.

  • Gyroscope- Off – OR – While ADS – This Means you can use your Mobile Movement while you scope to your Enemy and fire. This helps in controlling the Recoil.
  • Invert Options – Both Off.
  • Camera FOV – Full – This will help in covering the wide-area while you are playing in FPP Mode.
  • Reset Weapon AIM – ON – It works like Power Steering in the Car. It reset your AIM to the center position.

Setup COD Mobile Audio and Graphics

Please note that it is not necessary to set the same setting as you see in the image below.
Because the Graphics settings support differently for different devices you might need to decrease or increase the Settings.

COD Mobile Best Audio and Graphic Settings 2
COD Mobile Best Audio and Graphic Settings

Check out the Best Gameplay Graphics Setting for Latest Devices.

  • Graphic Quality – High or Very High
  • Frame Rate – Max – The more you set it your Gameplay will be smooth but it may cause your mobile heating problem.
  • Anti-Aliasing – Off. IF you keep it on this might decrease your Graphic quality according to the Internet Speed or Processer Load.
  • Ragdoll – On – This is a Killing Effect which is recently adopted by PUBG Mobile also.
  • BR Mode Graphic Style – Keep it Dynamic, the Dynamic Scene gives you better screen colors to identify your enemy.
  • Adjust Screen – Keep it Auto, the game screen will automatically adjust your Mobile device Screen and this will reduce the cropped game screen.

Setup COD Mobile Best Sensitivity Setting

The Most Complicated settings in Any Game. This setting differs according to device support. My Device might support 75 Sensitivity but you may work better under 60.

COD Mobile Best Sensivity Settings
COD Mobile Best Sensivity Settings 2
COD Mobile Best Sensivity Settings 3

Or I can play under 70 Sensitivity and you might able to handle the 100 Sensitivity. So just watch the Sensitivity given below and try it.

If you feel you want to increase or decrease the Sensitivity settings, then you can change it accordingly. There are no fixed COD Mobile Best Settings in Sensitivity settings or any other game.

Hope for the good and You might have like this Article. Please let us know in the comment box and I will bring you another interesting article.

In this article, I have shared all those COD Mobile Best Settings that I am using in my device, and the game is really working smoothly in high graphics.

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