How to use 8100 UC Glitch in PUBG Mobile:

Before reading this article, there is a brief disclaimer that this article should be treated as delayed news.

Thus, after reading the post, you can not do this trick because it has been patched by Google and therefore, after correct action, we have posted it in mind.

A glitch appeared in the Google Play Store a few days ago, where Google was offering users a gift card worth 140 bucks to use it in any game or in-app purchase on Google Play Store. It was presented on the occasion of Holi. So it was originally India Exclusive.

PUBG Mobile 8100 UC Trick Patch by Google

Using the trick, 8100 UC can be purchased in PUBG Mobile at 0 rupees! Yes 8100 UC PUBG For mobile, for free, these UCs can also be used to purchase or upgrade Royal Pass and buy goods.

Many people misused this mess, as we all know that PUBG Mobile Season 6 has just begun, so this PUBG Mobile 8100 UC trick spread like wildfire. Some people were using several devices to get 8100 UC at one time and in this way, they were looting PUBG Mobile and Google Play Store.

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Some people were buying UC for more than one device and using PUBG Mobile’s Gifting feature to send goods to their main accounts. Therefore, to combat this problem, PUBG Mobile has reportedly stopped the services of its UC Buying and Giving for some time.

Will PUBG company will be Ban Players for doing this?

There is very little chance that they will do the same because it was messed up by Google and the players used it. I mean, now I can see that most of the players are using RP using the same trick. This trick spreads very quickly and with very few steps to achieve. You can find it on Youtube. However, Google caused huge losses due to the bug in the Google play store.

PUBG Devs have disabled the gift option in the game because many people were making many accounts and were giving gifts to their main account. You can also find that no UC can now buy and disable it.

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