Redeem Code for COD Mobile

What is Redeem Code for COD Mobile?

Sometimes COD Mobile Releases a time-limited event on the occasion of some achievements, updates, and or just for Giveaway.

COD Mobile Redeem Code Fake Website 1

COD Mobile Redeem Code Fake Website 1

That time Activision shares a Redeem code for a particular Region Players or on social media. Then you can open the game and apply that code to get some Gifts in the game.

COD Mobile Redeem Code Fake Website 2

COD Mobile Redeem Code Fake Website 2

But on the internet nowadays you will find websites that promising a free Battle Pass of COD Mobile or Free Unlimited CP  using the name of Redeem Code for COD Mobile. But they all are fake just trying to gain traffic and earn money.

Activision Community Question answer

Activision Community Question-answer

Even there is no info available on Activision Blog about this COD Mobile Redeem Codes.

How to Get Free CP in COD Mobile?

There is no way that you can hack any game like COD Mobile or PUBG Mobile in the case of Battle Pass or UC or CP Money. You just can hack the Real Money in your Currency and earn some Passive Money to spend it on Royale Pass/Battle Pass or UC/CP.

To know how you can hack COD Mobile Money then scroll down and choose any article below.