The PUBG Mobile RageGear Mode is a new Evo-Ground, where you fight with your armoured vehicle with one passenger friend having a weapon. This RageGear Mode was launched with the Last PUBG Mobile Update version 16.0.

Here are some things that might help you to play the RageGear Mode in PUBG Mobile. This mode is totally new and this mode or not even a copy is available in any Mobile Game on Play store. You can take it as a death race Car Racing but here you will get Respawn and Winner will be decided on the basis of vehicles destroyed.

What is RageGear Mode:

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Two types of Game in RageGear Mode

  • RageGear TDM: – Target your Enemy Vehicles and destroy it. Each destroyed vehicle will be counted as 1 Point.
  • RageGear Pick Up: – Collect the Crate spawn in the centre of the map. The score will be counted as per crate collection.

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RageGear - TDM Map
RageGear – TDM Map

RageGear Mode Speciality:

  • Brand new and unique Mode/map in Battle Royale Game.
  • You get Armoured Vehicles and a Friend with Weapon.
  • Both of you change the seat once your vehicle is destroyed by the enemy.
  • Your Vehicle Will Lock the enemy vehicle as target and Auto-Fire.
  • Using Gyroscope is very helpful if you are in the passenger seat.
  • You can Heal your Vehicle with healing crates during the game.
RageGear - Pick Up Map
RageGear – Pick Up Map

Tips to Play in RageGear TDM Mode:


I know you might have played this mode more than me but I will share some tricks that I personally liked and used in this RageGear Mode to get more kills.


You need these tips because when you play this mode it is not necessary that you and your friend will be master in driving vehicle and using the RPG type weapon accurately. You might drive better than your friend and your friend might use the RPG better than you.

Phase I for RageGear Mode
Phase I for RageGear Mode
  • Do not keep your and your teammate vehicle too close while fighting, this will help the enemy to hit you both with one weapon only.
  • Choose who will drive and who will use the weapon – you can change the seat while you are Respawn again.
  • Keep Eye on your Vehicle health and Vehicle Repair Crate Respawn. Don’t fight while your vehicle is on Low health.
  • Do not over speed your vehicle just keep it slow – this will help your vehicle to lock the target for a long time and your teammate to aim accurately.
  • You can drive the vehicle in Reverse if you already have locked the target and its moving towards your vehicle.
  • Try to hit the Enemy vehicle from back side or from the side. This will help you to hit the Vehicle but your vehicle will not be locked in the enemy target.
  • If you can then hit the enemy vehicle with high speed and block it. – You will get enough time to blast that vehicle if it is stuck.
  • If your vehicle is stuck and you are not getting hit, then don’t worry it will be repositioned in 3 seconds.
  • If your team is already winning doesn’t rush just wait for the enemy and attack one vehicle at a time with your all 3 vehicles.

Tips to Play in RageGear Pick Up Mode:

To play in ReagGare Pick Up Mode you need to follow all tips given above with some additional tips that are shared below.

As this Mode is about Collecting the Crates you need to play it very safe. Because your collected crates will be reset if your vehicle is a blast.

Phase II for RageGear Mode - Only for Pick Up Map
Phase II for RageGear Mode – Only for Pick Up Map
  • You will get some crates at the centre of the map – You need to collect the crates that respawn with Parachute.
  • No crates will be collected or counted that are dropped by enemy vehicle.
  • You can destroy the crates dropped by enemy vehicles. If you can’t collect the crates, trying to destroy the enemy vehicle.
  • Winner will be decided by the number of crates collected during the match. So do not focus on just killing the emery vehicle only.
  • You can collect the crates and ask your other 2 vehicles to cover you.

Please do share these tips if you like it and if you have any question regarding RageGear Mode you can comment below we will answer you there.