Winter Holiday Gifts Event – Get X-mass Costume for Free

As you know the PUBG Mobile Update version 16.0 is Live now, and it will be the last update this year. There are a lot of events coming up and the second event is live now named PUBG Mobile Winter Holiday Gifts.

This event started on 16 Dec 2019 and will end on 31 Dec 2019. During this time, you will get 3 daily missions that will be reset at 00.00 UTC. So before this time, you have to complete these missions to collect the points and use it for Spinning the Lucky Draw Wheel.

This event is based on X-mass Theme and you can choose one costume from the list and start playing this event. If you have played the last PUBG Mobile called Tactical Drill Event, there you got 2 Costume.

About PUBG Mobile Winter Holiday Gifts Event:

Similarly, you can choose one Costume (there is no replacement once you choose, so choose it wisely). Then you will see a Lucky Draw wheel, with 4 Options and 2 of them are as follows:

  1. Costume for 5 Days
  2. Costume for 15 Days

This lucky Draw Wheel will randomly give you other 2 time-limited gifts but keep trying and spinning the Lucky Draw wheel to win the Winter Holiday Gifts.

Get the Winter Holiday Gifts:

  • Open PUBG Mobile Game and go to the Events section.
  • Then go to Time-limited Events and look for Winter Holiday Gifts Event.
  • Once you go there choose one Costume carefully no option will be given once you choose one costume.
  • Then you will see a Lucky Draw with 4 Rewards (Time-limited). This wheel will spin with some point and the Points can be earned by Completing the daily Missions given on the right side.
  • Complete the Missions collect them and use the points to spin lucky draw.

Note: You must Play this event as this event is for all players and you don’t even need to spend the money. First-ever event by PUBG Mobile that I liked so much and it’s all for free.

Complete Missions and Play Lucky Draw
Complete Missions and Play Lucky Draw

Here are some free tips to complete those 3 daily missions and use the Lucky Draw.

Complete Daily Missions:

Here I will share the 3 Daily missions that I completed on day 1 and what trick I used to complete them?

  • The daily mission on day 1 was:
    • Login
    • Kill total of 5 Enemies
    • Complete a classic Match.
  • The first one was already completed by logging into the game.
  • For the second mission, I Played one TDM Match and killed those 5 Enemies easily.
  • And for the third Mission, I started a solo match in Erangel and then jumped into the water and got killed.
  • By this, I completed these all missions within 15 minutes and get 3 Points to spin the Lucky Draw.

It was my bad luck that I did not get the Costume in this lucky draw.

Rules for the Winter Holiday Gifts Event:

While I am sharing these tricks with you lets discuss some rules for this event. An event without any rule book in PUBG Mobile is near to impossible.

  • Choose 1 of 4 Gifts. Selection cannot be changed later.
  • Complete Missions to earn Points.
  • Spend 5 points to spin the Lucky Draw Wheel one time.
  • Killing Missions cannot be completed in RageGear Mode.
Ornaments in Redeem Shop
Ornaments in Redeem Shop

Tip: If you are also looking for an ornament for your backpack then go to the redeem shop and purchase the ornament for your PUBG Mobile Character. I have purchased one that is shown in the image above.

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  1. Secret: If you get any one of the lucky draw item multiple times then the validity also increases.
    For example.
    If you get goggles with 3 day validity and you get it twice then the validity will be 6 days now and item is same. Try and reply

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