Whats new in Pubg Mobile New Update 0.11.5 – Game Play Restricted for 6 hrs in India

This happened only in India:

According to the new restrictions, Indian players will be warned two and four hours after playing the game that they will soon reach the LIMIT.

Tencent games and PUBG corporations have been under pressure after many arrests in India and concerns over people playing their game for a very long time. Gamers say that manufacturers of wildly popular mobile games PUBG Mobile (PLAYERUNKNOWN BATTLEGROUND MOBILE) have implemented six-hour sports time restrictions.

However, gamers say that this restriction is applicable only to Indian players, while players from other countries are not affected. The Chinese government recently banned PUBG Mobile for players under 13 years of age.  “As I have Mentioned this News here

PUBG Mobile did not respond to the alleged ban questions. As soon as they will be updating this article.

pubg mobile restricted game to 6 hrs

Pubg mobile restricted game to 6 hrs:

According to the new restrictions, the gamers who say they are watching, players are warned after two hours of first gameplay, and after four hours, stating that they are about to reach the limit soon. After six-hour gameplay, gamers say they have been shown a pop-up box called ‘Health Reminder’. Players are told that they have played for six hours, and they need to come back after 24 hours have passed.

This ban came after the ban was imposed in Gujarat and several arrests made by the police. Many Indian players playing for more than six hours on Thursday are still getting information so that they can be asked to wait for some more time before playing again.

One player said that the notification was shown to him and he had to wait 15 minutes to play the game again. But this Update is one of the blessings for our Youngsters as Playing for Pubg or Any Game for a Long Time Can Cause you Body and Mental Problems.

PUBG Made a Big Issue in Student and Working Professionals LifeStyle:

After the ban and arrest in Rajkot, PUBG Mobile issued a statement in which he said that he is trying to understand the legal basis of the ban. PUBG Mobile said in its statement that this game “is for entertainment only and should be enjoyed in a healthy and responsible manner.”

Developers and the company behind the PUBG Mobile (Tencent), reacting to the addition of children, said that they will take responsible actions for it. Recently, this news has been revealed on Discord and Tweet that PUBG mobile players cannot play more than 6 hours in a day.

Although no official comment has been made by the company in this regard, it is still not known that this move of Tencent Games and PUBG Mobile only applies to Indian players or to all players around the world. Many users are reporting this move to be a pain, but it can be a stepping stone to fix and control PUBG mobile addiction, which has been criticized by many people in the Indian community.

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Here is Some Relief to the Gamers see Image Below and Be Fearless:

Gameplay is only age restricted
Gameplay is only age restricted

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