What is in PUBG mobile update 10.0.5 Updated 19 Jan 2019

PUBG Mobile Update 10.0.5

PUBG mobile update 10.0.5-Updated 19 Jan 2019:

As of now, we all know the season 4 has been ended on 18 Jan 2019 and the very new Season 5 is on.

We all have enjoyed Season 4 and we all have experienced different surprises, Experiences with very good memories in Season 4. The most fav. for me was Royal Pass 30 so that I can get the Emote the only one in Free RP to achieve fast and Celebrate victory with Dance.

Let’s take a Quick View whats in Season New 5

PUBG Mobile 10.0.5 Update Summary

MK 47 Mutant (Source: Official PUBG mobile )What is in PUBG mobile update 10.0.5 Updated 19 Jan 2019 1
Laser Sight (Source: Official PUBG mobile )PUBG Mobile Laser Sight
Updates in VikendiVikendi Map is available in Custom Rooms
& Loot Has been Tuned
Item ShopShop Has been Adjusted with lots of Items,
Silver Coins RedeemYou can Rent much of Costumes, Skins with your Silver coins in the Redeem option
PUBG Emotes in Royal PassThere is No Emote available this time in Free Royal Pass in this Season
Voice ChatThe "Classic" voice is back! You can find it in Settings after the update.

Whats in PUBG Mobile 10.0.5 Update?

Let us See Step by Step what new Items are being added in PUBG Mobile and What’s Old has come back to its Original.

PUBG Mobile 10.0.5 Has been Released Today and is Available for All Android, IOS, Emulator, The total Update this time is about 200 MB size.

Due to the nature of the popular Battle Royale shooter, the development team have decided on a staggered release.

This will probably protect the servers from a huge surge, especially when you consider just how popular the game is.

So by 4 pm, GMT, today (18 Jan), everyone should have the new PUBG Mobile update available to download.

  • First Look on MK 47 Mutant :

(Video Source: Official PUBG Mobile Website)

I hope you like the View of MK 47 Mutant: its an Assualt Rifle with 7.62 mm Ammo.

Facts about MK 47 Mutant Assualt Rifle:

  1. MK47 Mutant can be acquired on all maps (Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok) through world spawn.
  2. MK47 Mutant is an AR weapon using 7.62mm bullets and has a 20 round capacity, which can be upgraded to 30 rounds with an extended magazine.
  3. you can use it on Two modes Single and Burst.

MK 47 Mutant Assualt Rifle Attachments

Magazine Capacity20 Without Extended and 30 With Extended
ScopeUpto Maxx 6X
Top EndCompensator (AR), Suppressor (AR), Vertical Fore-grip, Laser Sight
OtherAngled Fore-grip, Thumb Grip, Light Grip,


  • Look at Laser Sight in PUBG

(Video Source: Official PUBG Mobile Website)

One of the necessary Interesting Update PUBG Mobile has in this Season is Laser Sight you will now have a new item in the bag and a new Shooting Experience.

Facts about Laser Sight:

  • Only visible to the user
  • The laser sight is a lower rail so You can use Either Laser Sight or Foregrip
  • It is Useful in Short Range
  • Laser Sight is Very useful to reduce Bullet Deviation during target aiming

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