Treasure hunt Fortnite Challenge: Season 8 Week 10 – [Easily Completed]

Treasure Hunt Fortnite Challenge

Treasure hunt Fortnite Challenge:

Welcome Players, Today I am going to share with you a simple and easy trick Treasure hunt Fortnite Challenge for season 8 challenge week 10. This Fortnite Treasure Challenge season 8 Week 10 will end soon and everybody is eager to find out the Treasure in Fortnite.

Everybody is saying that this challenge is easy to complete, but I would if so then why did anybody search and find the easy way? Anyway just get started with our Fortnite Treasure hunt challenge in week 10. As usual, players have some easy free challenges like harvesting wood or shooting out of canons, with the battle pass the specific challenge.

Earn 10,000 XP by ensuring you have completed at least 4 of those challenges. For those with the season 8 battle pass, the final treasure hunt is also up for grabs along with its Battle Star reward. Here’s how to complete the week 10 treasure hunt in season 8 of Fortnite Battle Royale.

In the task of Fortnite Treasure challenge season, 8 weeks 10 – Player will have to head towards the Junk Junction, in order to find out the Signpost. Once you find the Signpost it will show you where to go next in order to claim your battle star. Looks easy but is so tricky to identify the Signpost. Let’s have a step by step lookup.

How to Complete Treasure hunt Fortnite Challenge in Junk Junction:

Thanks to Android Central for these Easy Steps they have provided.

  • Jump into the Map of Battle Royal Fortnite, I would Suggest Solo Mode will be better to complete this challenge
  • Heads towards the Junk Junction. (if you do not find just look into the image of the map we have shared.)
Junk Junction map
  • You will see the Two Purple Shipping Containers; Search the Signpost and find out your Treasure. Your signpost is in between them find it out.

signpost in Between Purple Containers

  • After that Start a new game and Head towards the Just north side of Fatal Fields (in the same Map) where the underground mines in the shape of cacti are.

Fatal Fields Map Section

  • The Battle Star is located on the rightmost carving in the ground, by the rock in the corner of the ground.

Battle Star treasure

Simply pick up the Battle Star to claim it, and you’re all done! This was one of the easier objectives in Season 8 Week 10. Enjoy!!

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