Tilted Towers & Retail Row Totaly Destroyed by the Volcano Event – Brings Fortnite New Map


Volcano Event:

Tilted Towers & Retail Row Destroyed – Fortnite Map Changed After the Unvaulting / Volcano Event

Hello, Players!!

As we all were waiting for the Lake pool and Volcano Eruption. And today it happened; the Volcano eruption destroyed Tilted Tower, Retail Row and Attacked Iceberg in the polar. Fortnite Removed classic mode in Season during this event. And Added a New mode named Unvaulting LTM, with Tagline “The choice is yours!”.

unvaulting event

Many players witnessed this event using Arcana Glider and watch the Volcano Rock Attack on Titled Towers and Retail Row. Iceberg also gets under the Volcano Rock attack but not much damage happened.

Many players were not able to join this event and the live Volcano Eruption mode. So if you are one of them don’t worry, you can watch the event below.

Tilted Towers Hit by Volcano Event:

Tilted Towers has been the most popular place to land since season 2. Some Data miners and Gamers Leaked this news that Tilted Tower may get destroyed or Replaced by something. And we can see now Titled Towers is totally destroyed by Volcanic Rocks.


The ‘Unlucky’ building in Tilted Towers ironically is the only building left standing at the POI. Looks it was built to last this time around!

Retail Row Hit by Volcano Event:

The Retail Row was also hit by volcanic Rocks, as you can see the image. There was an only one Volcanic Rock Impact on Retail Row in the Centre of the city. This destruction was too hard, but some buildings are also safe from the Volcanic Attack.


Polar Peak Hit by Volcanic Rock:

Polar Peak was also hit by the Volcanic Rock, during the event and it has caused a big crack in the iceberg. Although the building is standing still and no other damage has made.


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